April 2-3, 2013 Our time in Casa Grande

Tuesday April 2
This morning found me at the local laundry doing all our bed stuff – mattress pad, blankets, etc.  and then hanging them outside to dry.  Drying clothes on a line here takes on a whole new meaning for a gal from Pennsylvania.  For example, we have one of those fluffy mattress pads.  In Pennsylvania, it takes almost two days to dry hanging on a line.  Here – two hours – WOW!
The weather is warming up – afternoons are near 90.  Our Dusty lays upside down in a corner of the bedroom.  There is a window right above him that lets in a cool breeze – :-).  How funny!
04-02-13 A Casa Grande 001a
This afternoon was spent getting caught up on some things around the motorhome as well as visiting with folks.  We finished the evening by having a burger at our local Moose in Arizona City.
Wednesday, April 3
This morning Andy and I finished up all the things we had to do around our lot.  This afternoon was beading with the ladies.  And this evening was dinner at Chili’s with Katy, Gary, Frank and Gloria (sorry no pics).  We did have a great time getting caught up and talking about our future plans.
Tomorrow we are off on another adventure so stay tuned.

A side note (or maybe an explanation) about Face Book.  I have realized that I spend TOO MUCH TIME on the internet wandering aimlessly and have decided that although I will always need a computer and the internet, I also would like to do more things with my time.  Anyway, in January, I started to unsubscribe from some of the groups and emails I receive.  By March, I realized that I spent way too much time on face book, just wandering….  So Monday morning, I updated my cover and profile photos to dark/black/blank photos and posted that I am going dark for a month.  The main reason is to first see if I can do it and to give myself more time to do other things..   So time will tell – :-)))



john smith said...

I agree with you about Face Book I no longer post there but I will continue reading you post here.

I don’t like Face Book at all waste to much time there.

My wife and I are leaving Alabama on a trip to Arizona the first of May. We are retired and have never been out west.

We plan on spending several months touring the west we just my run into yall out there.

We be pulling a 5th wheel.

Be Safe

John & Sheila

Diane said...

Thanks John and Sheila.
You will love the west - drop us a line as you get close. It would be great to meet up.

Travel Safe - :-)