May 26th - 28th, 2024 - Whitehorse Yukon and New Friends

 We woke to a beautiful sunny day and away we went!

We made a stop at Johnson's Crossing for one of their famous Cinnamon Rolls and met the new owners.  In 2009, we tried to stay here but unfortunately they were snowed in.  (For those who are new to my blog, our 2009 trip to Alaska in April was a real adventure - LOL!)

Anyway, the rolls are huge! We sat in their dining area, talking with the owners and ended up bringing half of the rolls with us.  Yum!

Love the cloud reflections:

Not sure what this is but I know it has to do with the salmon runs.  This is the Yukon River - the 3rd longest in the world:

Coming into Whitehorse:

We are staying at the Pioneer RV Park where we have stayed every time we are in Whitehorse.  Once we checked in, our first item was the RV and Truck wash area.  We did the best we could and our vehicles look a lot better with all that dirt gone.

Once we settled in our spot, we headed to Walmart and the Canadian Superstore.  In 2009, we came thru here very early and there were no campgrounds open so we stayed in the Walmart parking lot overnight. They do not allow that anymore.

When we stayed at the Walmart in Fallon Nevada, we met a couple, Jane and Roger, who were Escapees and SKP Boomers and have stayed in touch ever since.  They are also at this campground and we got together for supper at the Cooper's/Dirty Northern on Main Street in Whitehorse.  The food was great!  We had such a good time chatting and getting to know one another that we ended the evening at our RV.  What a great time and hope to see them somewhere in Alaska.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 96 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Yukon: YT-1 (Alaskan Highway)

May 27-28, 2024

The last two days were spent doing laundry, getting supplies, doing some things around the motorhome, and just taking it easy.  Four days of continuous travel is a bit much for us anymore.

We did not do any sightseeing but may on our way back thru.

Tomorrow we continue our journey to Alaska so stay tuned and enjoy today.

May 25th, 2024 The Alcan and Bears

We woke to a beautiful morning and continued our journey on the Alcan!

We passed an area where there were two RVs camped and the river nearby.  Walking thru their site was a HUGE Grizzly Bear just meandering along.  OH MY! 

No, we did not stop but prayed that the campers stayed in their campers.

For miles we can see messages done in white rocks along the highway.  I honestly think they are done by tourists traveling this way since there is not much in the way of civilization - LOL!

The Alaskan Highway:

The views are breathtaking!

We saw this fence that went for miles - looks hand made and not sure how old or why?:

More views:


And another - he was HUGE!:

Teslin Lake:

We found our way to Teslin Lake Campground, settled in and went for a ride around the area.  The new Teslin Bridge:

Areas around the lake:

Our site:

We were here in 2009 - amazing!

Another great campfire night:

Tomorrow we are heading to Whitehorse for a couple days so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 132 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Yukon:  YT-1 (Alaskan Highway)

May 24th, 2024 - Cassier, Alcan, Bears, OH MY!

We continued our journey north this morning and, yes, it was still raining and cloudy.

The good road we had to Iskut...disappeared.  This was our two lane road for the next 100 plus miles.  It was not too bad but we had to watch for "frost heaves".

Interesting set up in the middle of nowhere - LOL!

Folks who truly live off the grid:

We saw these white pipes at every culvert - not sure of the significance:

The road:

Many bridges:

I called this tundra land - where the trees are sparse, don't grow very tall, and they may be over 100 years old.

Frozen lakes just breaking up:

That red sign signifies a "frost heave".  In other words...damaged road - go SLOW!

Here is Highway 37 - Cassier Highway:

Continuing our journey:


More frozen lakes breaking up:

Jade City - just had to stop:

There was a sign outside about their pets so when I went inside because I wanted to see the cats!  The owner came by and we talked about our pets and she brought down the youngest cat so we could see (they live upstairs).  What a treat.  We chatted with her for a while until she was called for another customer.

We wandered the store and I asked about the raw jade and they sent me outside to talk to Mark - one of the workers.

He told us about the mine and their raw materials are sent to Russia, New Zealand, Whitehorse, and Anchorage where they produce all sorts of items.  Jade City has them send back all their "floor scrap" and there were a few bins there.  When I told him I was looking for small pieces for jewelry, he took me to the one bin where I found so many little items.  AWESOME!

The view from Jade City:

Interesting carvings:

Look at that raw jade - just WOW!

We continued our journey:

I could not get a good picture but look at the colors nears the shore - just beautiful!:

This lake was green - like a lime green:

What a treat!  Another bear!  (Up to now, we saw a duck, a rabbit, and a turtle - LOL!)

And then we hit the burn area:

The road on the right was the old road that we took in 2009.  I think the new road is because of the fire:

This went for miles - it must have been super hot to disintegrate these trees:

An oasis:

Another treat - Mama and her two cubs:

Her cubs are brown - how about that!:

We crossed into the Yukon:

The Alaskan Highway - WOW!  It is like a superhighway!:

The last 150 miles on the Cassier was so so different from 2009.  Then it was a "trail that wanted to be a road" and was mostly dirt and gravel.  Now it is paved and wide open.  Amazing!

Another view of the Alaskan Highway:

We debated on going into Watson Lake but decided that we would spend more of our time in Whitehorse for supplies and laundry so we headed west on the highway.

Our stay tonight was at Big Creek Government Campground (in BC, it is Provincial Campground - In Yukon, it is Government Campground.)

Our site:

Our red truck is almost gray - so much dirt!:

A great campfire night:

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 247 Miles

Routes Traveled:

British Columbia:  BC-37 (Cassier Highway)

Yukon: YT-37 (Cassier Highway); YT-1(Alaskan Highway)

Tomorrow we continue our journey on the Alaskan Highway so stay tuned and enjoy today!