May 7-12, 2013 Getting Caught Up

Happy Mother’s Day!

So what have we been up to the last six days?

Well, since we live almost full time in our RV, we needed to take time out and get some things done just like we would need to do in a sticks-n-bricks home.   And since we have spent a lot of time in the desert over the last few months, we decided we needed a good clean out and a resupply of goods.   So that was what we worked on every day.   For now, we are done – Smile

One of our shopping trips took us into St. George.  We just rode around a few of the highways – noticed many huge homes and many LDS churches.  We also noticed that many of the homes and condos look the same – strange!  But this area does have all the stores we needed and then some.

On Tuesday, 7th, was our 25th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going to In-n-Out Burger – one of our favorite places.  Smile

On Saturday, we decided we needed a break and went to the movies in Hurricane to see “Oblivion”.  Very good!

My computer is now 7 years old (Windows XP) and getting VERY SLOW.  Andy’s computer (Vista), which he hardly ever uses, is 4 years old but a lot faster. So over the last few days I have transitioned to his.  Sometime in the near future, we hope to truly upgrade and get the latest.  LOL!

And we have made some future plans and some reservations.  I like to just wing it instead of making reservations but we are going to be in touristy areas so I guess I need to just buckle down and do it!  Our plans for now are to leave here on Thursday for the Grand Canyon North Rim for three days, then 2 days in Hatch, then 7-10 days in Bryce National Park.  That is as far as I am planning – SmileEye rolling smile

One of the days we decided to take a short road trip:

05-11-13 Area around Leeds UT 0 (3)

05-11-13 Area around Leeds UT 0 (5)

05-11-13 Area around Leeds UT 0 (11)

05-11-13 Area around Leeds UT 0 (8)


Tomorrow we hope to do some sightseeing so stay tuned and enjoy today!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Loretta.


Sue Malone said...

Looks like lots of cool stuff planned. In the late 80's I hung out in the hot springs at Hurricane. They were very funky back then, and almost free. I think they have upgraded since that time, but I have amazing memories of sitting in those pools along the Virgin River and watching the faces in the rock cliffs above me.

Diane said...

Hi Sue,
Darn, missed the hot springs but will check them out on the return trip - :-))