May 29, 2013 - Guided Rim Tour in Bryce

This morning we headed out to the Visitor Center to take our narrated tour to Rainbow Point and back.  While waiting for the bus, we met a gentleman who had just hiked “The Wave” - one of our bucket list items.  He gave us a few pointers and we continue to file them (and hoped we get picked in that lottery).

The bus arrived and off we went. Our tour guide was very informative about the history of the park.  We also learned about the different animals, trees, and plants and he pointed out a number of them as we rolled along.  We did see prairie dogs and many prong antelope - but I could not get any pictures - Sad smile.

We made a few stops at the overlooks and our guide pointed out what we were seeing on the horizon.  Along the walk way, he also pointed out some plants and trees.

This is the needles of the bristlecone pine tree - they were very soft.  These trees can live over 1500 years.  They are located in the high country because they can handle all the elements - high winds, extreme temps, a wide range of dryness and wetness.  As they grow, their trunks twist but the bark does not twist - very interesting.  I posted a few twisted trunk pictures the other day.

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (2)

This is known as the limber pine - it’s younger limbs can be tied together like shoelaces.

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (11)

This whole area was once an inland sea and then pushed up and is now part of the Colorado Plateau.  However, the soils are just like those found in the seas.  As time goes by, they continually erode .

Here are a few pictures of Bryce Canyon National Park from our stops:

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (12)

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (25)

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (34)

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (40)

05-28-13 A Ranger Rim Tour (48)a

We really enjoyed the tour for the information.  There were only five overlook stops and there are fourteen in the park.  So it was a nice mix between the tour and doing our own exploring.

This afternoon we had a mix of weather - rain, hail, wind, sun, then rain and wind again.  Right now it is clear and the sun is setting.  The forecast for tonight is freezing temperatures and snow flurries - BRRRR...  Time to go.

We have had a great time here and tomorrow we are moving  north to Provo. 

Stay tuned and enjoy today.


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