May 21, 2013 Bryce Canyon National Park - Day 1

Please keep all those affected by the tornado in Oklahoma in your prayer - such a tragedy.

We were up early and on the road by 8:15 AM. 

As we were coming down the road, we encountered:

05-21-13 B SR63 towards Bryce

A few miles later:

05-21-13 C Bryce

When we were here yesterday, we wrote down what sites we like and then rated them 1, 2, etc.  At the registration area, we unhooked the Tracker and off I went with my list.  The first one was unavailable but the second one was OPEN - YAHOO!

Here it is:

05-21-13 D North Campground (5)

05-23-13 B North Campground Bryce

05-23-13 B North Campground Bryce (6)

So much room, surrounded by pine trees - BEAUTIFUL!  We signed up for four days and will be extending as long as we can.  There are no hookups but the bathroom is right behind us so that should help our tanks.

After we set up and had lunch, we walked to the visitor center and saw their movie about Bryce.  Then we went into the museum where we saw these creatures:

05-21-13 E Visitor Center

05-21-13 E Visitor Center (5)

It is a small museum but they have a great relief map of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

Our next journey was to the general store to see what they carried.  On our way back, we decided to do a little of the rim trail back to the campground.  This was our first sighting of the Canyon:

05-21-13 F Bryce near North CG Overlook

05-21-13 F Bryce near North CG Overlook (4)

05-21-13 F Bryce near North CG Overlook (6)

05-21-13 F Bryce near North CG Overlook (11)

05-21-13 F Bryce near North CG Overlook (12)

05-22-13 A Bryce Rim Auto Tour (2)

Incredible, isn’t it.  Tomorrow we are driving the rim so stay tuned for lots of pictures.

We started a fire later afternoon, cooked supper over the fire, and enjoyed more of the campfire until it got too cold for us - Smile.

We are over 8000’ feet and the weather is beautiful - 60-70’s in the day and 30’s at night.  LOVE IT!

Enjoy today.

Stats for today

Miles Traveled: 26 miles (Long day - LOL)

Routes Traveled:

Utah: US-89; SR-12; SR-63

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