May 20, 2013 Short Road Trip

After doing a few housekeeping chores this morning, we took off to check out campgrounds in Bryce and the Red Canyon Campground in the Dixie National Forest.  All three are first come, first served and we wanted to see how full/empty they were and what the sites were like.  In Bryce, we talked with the campground hosts and they expect quite a few people to leave tomorrow and that we should be there by 9 AM.  (Early rising day tomorrow Sad smile).  So hopefully we will get a good site.  We expect to be there at least 8 days so hopefully we will get a good site.

I did not take many pictures, sorry.  I will save the space for when we are in the park.  This is on the way out of Bryce.

05-20-13 A Bryce Airport Area (7)

We stopped in the little town of Panguitch for lunch. What a quaint place.  We found out that most of the main downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Since that is only place that has a grocery store, we will be checking it out later.

Back home, we took a walk around the campground.  We have a new neighbor right next to us - really right next to us.  I can hear their conversations and TV and I am sure they could here ours.  With all the open spaces in this park, I do not understand.  So glad we are leaving tomorrow.

We are the second MH from the left.  But the scenery here is just beautiful.

05-20-13 B Area around Riverside RV Hatch

05-20-13 B Area around Riverside RV Hatch (9)

This is the Sevier River.  In this valley, it snakes back and forth and irrigates many of the farms. It surrounds the back part of the campground and is runny strong.

05-20-13 B Area around Riverside RV Hatch (11)

Dandelions - Smile - haven’t seen them in a while.

05-20-13 B Area around Riverside RV Hatch (12)

So that was our day.  Tomorrow we are headed to Bryce so stay tuned and enjoy today.


Judy and Emma said...

Hope you find a nice site for the holiday weekend.

Diane said...

Thanks Judy, We found a wonderful site.
Happy Memorial to you and Emma.