December 27, 2008 – Traveling Thru Texas

We are off again! We decided not to go to San Antonio or Amarillo, we decided to just head west.

We traveled many of the back roads and it was so neat to see all the little towns, the scenery, and the farms, including the Texas Longhorn cattle. We traveled thru the flat land area:

To the hill area:

We even saw our first cacti today – will get pictures tomorrow.

Andy and I at one of our stops:

The wind, however, was another story. We had a side wind all day – cold front blowing in from the north. Andy did a great job with the motorhome. At one point, we passed through the front and the clouds looked really scary.

We are staying at the Hill Country RV Park in Fredericksburg, Texas for a few days. Fredericksburg is a quaint little town that was settled by immigrant families from Germany in 1846. They still have many of the old customs and many German restaurants. We ate at the Auslander Biergarten/Restaurant - great German meal! Most of the little shops were closed after we had dinner so I will have to check them out another day - :-)

Miles Traveled: 290 miles
Routes Traveled:
TX: SR-146; US-190; SR-30; SR-90; SR-105; US-290

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jerseygirl211 said...

Safe travels, our friends.

Geez......In my mind I'm singing....HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU...;)

Marian & Al