November 30, 2023–December 2, 2023 Our last days in Huachuca City, AZ

No touristy stuff to write about but we did have a great couple of days.

On Thursday, we met Mike and Mary for lunch in Sierra Vista.  What a great time and the food was good too.

I did get a picture:

Andy, Mike, Mary, Diane:

2023-11-30 Sierra Vista (3)

Friday we woke to cold and rain – BRRR.  A good day to get the laundry done.  Besides the washers and dryers in the clubhouse, they have a “shed” dedicated just for laundry and that is what I used.  It was clean and reasonable.  The dryers were $1.50 for 72 minutes…not a typo..  72 minutes.  GREAT!!!

That evening we met Rusty and Rich at the Elks for a steak dinner.  Rusty and I went to grade school together in Minersville, PA.  We got together this past spring and it was great to see them again and get caught up.

I forgot to get a picture so we took a selfie in the parking lot – LOL!:

Rich, Andy, Rusty, Diane:

2023-12-01 Elks Sierra Vista


On Saturday, I went to the craft shows at Mall and Veterans Park.  Both were small but nice.  At the mall, Gloria and I bumped in to one another and had a nice chat.

I finished the day by doing more grocery shopping. 

So tomorrow we leave Huachuca City and head to Casa Grande.  I have enjoyed my time here and hope to spend more time in the future.  This area of the country is beautiful and it has four seasons.  Winters are not bad and neither are the summers.  And the views, oh my.  Yes, I could live here.

Enjoy today!


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