August 15, 2009 – The Knik River

We had a little break from the heavy rain today so we took a ride into Palmer – first to the post office and then to the Visitor Center – really nice museum there…

(Note I said heavy rain – we did have on and off sprinkles – :-))

From there we took a ride on the old Glenn Highway to the Knik River River Road – what a nice drive.

Here is the Knik Glacier (the only way to get close to this glacier is by boat or plane).   If it stops raining, we may take the jet boat tour.

 08-15-09 A Knik River 006

Part of the Knik River (notice the color – a glacial river):

08-15-09 A Knik River 002

08-15-09 A Knik River 004 

08-15-09 A Knik River 016

We saw these little ones on a small pond:

08-15-09 A Knik River 007

We also saw a moose but she moved too fast for me to get a picture – :-(((

What a nice day!!

We are still trying to decide what to do – rain continues to be in the forecast so?????  Fall is definitely here.

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