April 23, 2009 – The Alaskan Highway – Part 3

Another picture intensive blog!

I can say enough about the scenery so I will just show you!

04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 026

 04-23-09 Alaskan Highway - British Columbia 008

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 007

  04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 011

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 021


We saw more buffalo:

 04-23-09 Alaskan Highway - British Columbia 015

 04-23-09 Alaskan Highway - British Columbia 017

 04-23-09 Alaskan Highway - British Columbia 025

And caribou:

04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 002a

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 001a

This is the lake where Mukluk Chuck took us for a boat ride in 2007 – it is still frozen solid:

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 032

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 035

 04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 041

The days are getting longer.  This picture was taken at 9:30 PM.:

04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 049

I was really hoping to see the northern lights while there was still some darkness at night but every night has been cloudy.  Maybe tomorrow – :-)

We are staying at the Wal-Mart in Whitehorse, Yukon because we could not find a place along the way.  The two campgrounds that are advertised as being open all year were not.  One of the owners of the one told us that they had record snowfall and he is still trying to dig out.  The only thing he was able to dig out was the gas pumps…  He also told us that the only place to camp until we hit Anchorage is the Wal-Marts.   I am not sure I believe that but I am going to start making phone calls.

In the Yukon, it is illegal to stay overnight in the rest areas.  Interesting! No open campgrounds, no open provincial parks, and no overnight in the rest areas – kinda makes you wonder, do they really want the tourists to stay????

It has been a little frustrating for us but then I probably should have made a lot of calls before we left the U.S. – oh well!

We stopped in Contact Creek for gas and spent some time talking with the owners.  They also told us about the record snowfall and the late winter.  Their concern is that it will warm up quickly and the rivers will flood.  I truly hope not. They also told us that last year at this time, most of the snow was gone.   Oh well, it is the adventure!

And our Elliot, deciding whether he wants to sit on the dash or the floor (the floor won because of the “bounces”):

04-24-09 Alaskan Highway - Yukon 023

Until tomorrow!

Miles Traveled: 404 miles (Long Day)

Routes Traveled:

BC: PH-97

YK: PH-1

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