April 20, 2009 – More Liard

We have decided to stay here for a few more days.  Whitehorse is expecting snow tonight and tomorrow and we felt that this would be a better place to wait it out.  And of course having the hot springs right here helped with our decision making.

We did not see the northern lights last night – :-( - too cloudy so maybe tonight – :-)

A nice morning soak was the first thing on our agenda.  Most of our neighbors were there and we all had a nice time chatting and soaking – :-)))))

Some pictures of the way to and from the springs:

04-20-09 Liard Springs 011

 04-20-09 Liard Springs 003

 04-20-09 Liard Springs 004

 04-20-09 Liard Springs 007

The Hot Springs:

04-20-09 Liard Springs 009

 04-20-09 Liard Springs 010

Our MH – Andy had to put the flag up for Armand:

04-20-09 Liard Springs 001

We spent the rest of the day, relaxing, taking walks, soaking in the hot springs, reading, and beading…How nice!

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