April 16-17, 2009 - Dawson Creek – Mile “0” of the Alaskan Highway

On Thursday (16th), we left our great view, crossed over the Peace River – that is slowly starting to thaw:

04-16-09 Peace River 004

And continued our journey to Dawson Creek where we settled in the Northern Lights RV Campground.  We will be here until Saturday morning.  The rest of Thursday, we did our running around to pick up groceries and other odds and ends.  There is also Wi-Fi here so I am getting caught up with the blog and emails.

The Stats:

Miles Traveled:  83 Miles

Routes Traveled:

BC: PH-97


Today (17th), we sent our laundry to the person who is taking care of the campground.  She told us yesterday that since the water is not turned on in the laundry, she would do the laundry (cheaper than in town and someone does it – Yippee!!!).   I finished cleaning up the motor home and we finished our stops.

This afternoon, we went to the Alaska Highway House.  It is a new museum on the building the Alaskan Highway – really interesting.  One of the actual vehicles used:

04-17-09 Dawson Creek 011


Look at how far we are from New York – Wow!

04-17-09 Dawson Creek 012

And of course, a stop at the actual Milepost “0”:

04-17-10   04-17-09 Dawson Creek 006

04-17-09 Dawson Creek 004

Above is the actual location of the post.  Below is a post that was put in the center of town:

04-17-09 Dawson Creek 009

Pretty cool, eyh!….

Tomorrow we head on out so stay tuned – :-))

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Skil's & Me said...

I'll being following you and enjoying your pictures. I am stuck in S. Florida and wish I was there.Have a great trip! Jim