May 2 to 4, 2014 Winslow and Flagstaff

Friday and Saturday

Our last two days in Winslow were hang out, catch up (laundry, clean, shopping), and figure out the next few weeks kind of days.  We actually did make reservations for mid June near Estes Park in Colorado.  I have wanted to spend some time there and in Rocky Mountain National Park but trying to get a space in the NP was all but impossible.  So we will be in Colorado in June (Annie N, will let you know as we get close – Smile)

Sunday, 4th

They were calling for high winds today so we were up early and on the road by 8 AM – on our way to Flagstaff via I-40.

We passed another one of these VORTAC – (Variable Omni-Range, Tactical Air Navigation) sites. They provide bearing/distance information for aircraft and form airway intersections or fixes.

More information here:


05-04-14 A Winslow to Flagstaff (2)

05-04-14 A Winslow to Flagstaff (5)

These buildings are near Twin Arrows, Arizona.  Some day we are going to explore and find out the real story on this ghost town:

05-04-14 A Winslow to Flagstaff (10)

The mountains in the background are the San Francisco Peaks.  Humphreys Peak is the highest of these mountains and also the highest point in Arizona.  Humphreys Peak is also know to the Navajo as Abalone Shell Mountain, the Sacred Mountain of the West (part of the four sacred peaks of the Navajo).

05-04-14 A Winslow to Flagstaff (13)

The wind picked up as we got closer to Flagstaff.  What amazes us is that you cannot tell how windy it is by the plants/trees along the roadway – they just don’t seem to move no matter how windy it is…

We arrived in Flagstaff too early to check in to the campground so we decided to make a stop at Sam’s Club.  From there we made our way to Greer’s Pine Shadows RV Park for just one night.

After setting up, we went to check out Bonito Campground, a few miles north where we will be going tomorrow.  Nice National Forest Campground – will have more pictures.

We finished this evening at Outback Steakhouse – for our anniversary dinner – Great time!

Note: There is no cell service at Bonita Campground so we will be off the grid for a while. I will try to post when we get into town.  Until then, stay tuned and enjoy today – Smile

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 68 miles (with a stop at Sam’s Club)

Routes Traveled:

Arizona:  McHood Park; SR99; SR87; I-40B; I-40; US89




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Did you see any elk?

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Not yet.