May 18 - 19, 2014 Hanging out and Moving North

Sunday was a hang out kind of day. 

I did finish up all my blogs and hopefully our next stop will have better internet.  I cleaned this morning which was a mistake.  We had a lot of wind this afternoon which picked up a lot of dust and you know the rest.  Then overnight we were invaded by no-see-ums coming thru the open screens.  Since their life span is very short, we had lots of dead carcasses all over – that will teach me to clean again.  (I did do a quick dust before we left – LOL!)

So today we headed north to Blanding to a full hookup park to clean out our tanks, (and vacuum the inside – Smile), do laundry, restock the pantry, etc., etc..

I have uploaded all the blogs – there are 8 of them (including this one).  If you did not get them all, please email me at gardenhavens@hotmail.com.  

We are heading northwest tomorrow on another adventure so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 30 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Utah: US-191


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