April 26-27, 2010 – Crystal Mining in Arkansas


We spent the day at Arrowhead Crystal Mine in Mount Ida, Arkansas.  We were here in December 2008 and found some really nice pieces so that is why we chose this mine again.  When we were here before, they were actively mining and we had to move whenever they blasted.  Today, however, they were not mining and it looks as if it is not as active as it was.  We did find out that they are mining on another part of the property but it is not open to the public at this time.

We decided to do our digging in the tailings (like we did before), instead of on the mountain side (which is REALLY HARD WORK!).  Here is the mine:

04-26-10 Arrowhead Mine 002

Here is the tailings pile – I am over the hill on the right side (I cannot be seen in this photo):

04-26-10 Arrowhead Mine 003

And here I am – I found an area that had a lot of white quartz and was hoping to find some clear quartz.

04-26-10 Arrowhead Mine 004

We did find a few nice pieces but not as much as before (I was kind of disappointed – :-().  Next time I think we are going to find out how long it has been since there were piles put on the tailings.   Overall though – we did have a great day but it is a lot of work!!!  And yes, I would do it again.  It is amazing to see the beauty that Mother Nature produces.  I use to think that some of these pieces I saw in stores were man made but to see them come out of the ground – oh my!  This has definitely been one of the highlights of the trip!!!

Back home we just relaxed – only a cooking campfire tonight – the wind really picked up…


We decided to just hang out today.  I cleaned up the inside of the MH and then cleaned and sorted, and packed up my crystals.  I will need to do a lot of soaking in acid when I get home – :-))). 

And, of course, another great campfire evening.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Branson, MO so stay tuned.


Ron & Bonnie Hough . . . said...

Crystal mining sounds like work, as does most types of mining. Worth it if you find crystals, gold or diamonds. Great pictures and travelogue. Fun reading. You're about a month ahead of us in our treks to Branson. Let us know if you come across any especially good shows, theaters or buffets.

Diane and Andy said...

Sure will....
Safe travels.