October 27-29, 2009 - Wind, Wind, and More Wind

Well, the front came in and the past three days, it has been VERY WINDY!!!  And we are so glad we are at the Escapee Park (now with full hookups) and not out in this wind!!   The break has also given us a chance get caught up – clean, wash clothes, grocery shopping, etc. etc…

We really like this Escapee Park – sites are nice, people are friendly, there are a lot of activities (including a beading group I need to check out).  We got the paperwork and are thinking about getting on the list for a lot. 

They also have a nice happy hour that we attended and have met some great people.  On Wednesday (28th) we went to dinner with a number of Escapee Boomers.   We have been part of the Boomer BOF for a few years but never went to any of the gatherings – I am sure we will in the future –:-)))

Our Elliot is not doing well so today (29th) we found a local vet who ran tests.  His renal condition is stable but he has a respiratory infection and the start of a possible pancreatic issue.  So right now, he is on antibiotics and a new food.  One of the issues we were having was that he stopped eating but apparently he really likes this new food – YEA!!   As you can guess, today was an emotional day!!!

Until tomorrow!


October 26, 2009 – Travel Day in Nevada

 According to the weather forecast, there will be snow here tomorrow so away we went.  We were going to stay in Tonopah but apparently this cold front is dipping way south and there are also high wind advisories all over western Nevada.

What a bummer because we had wanted to stay for a while in a couple places – :-(.    We definitely need to take another summer and just travel in the west….. 

So we made our way down Route 95 – mostly all high desert.  Just imagine being on this high plateau (4000’-6000’), going thru areas of sagebrush and no trees; or sagebrush and sand; or sagebrush and trees; and even some very fertile areas.  Imagine finding a lake in the middle of this high desert.  Now imagine as you look on the horizons, roads go on and on, up to the mountains, or buttes, or both.  WOW! WOW! and more WOW 

 10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 002

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 012

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 015

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 019

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 026

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 030

10-26-09 A Travel on Rt 95 in NV 031

We did over 400 miles today which is not our typical day but the weather will not be very good over the next few days – colder and very windy – so we decided to drive straight thru to Pahrump and are staying at the Escapee Park here.   We pulled in after the sun set (which is very unusual for us) and went to the local casino for supper – dinner for less than $10.00 – 2 for 1 senior discount on Monday – LOL!!   We are in the boondocking area for tonight and hope to get a full hookup site tomorrow.

Stay tuned – :-)))


Miles Traveled: 406 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Nevada: US-395; US-50; US-95A; US-95; SR-160


October 25, 2009 – Lake Tahoe

Another beautiful day in the high desert!

We decided to go to Lake Tahoe and take the gondola up the mountain.  However when we got to South Lake Tahoe, the gondola was closed for the season – :-(((.   We stopped in Harrah’s Casino, had a great lunch and gave their slot machines our $20.00 donation – LOL!

We then made our way up the east side of the lake.  Did you know that Lake Tahoe is the third deepest lake in North America at 1600’ deep.  Sixty three streams flow into the Lake and only one, the Truckee River, flows out into Pyramid Lake.  Unlike most bodies of water in North America, this lake’s water never reaches the ocean.  And now for pictures:

  10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (10)

10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (14)

10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (25)

10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (32)

10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (33)

10-25-09 A Lake Tahoe (6)a

Take a look at the pine cone I am holding – it is HUGE and HEAVY.  I picked up another one – maybe I will decorate for the holidays – :-)).

As we left the lake we headed over the Mt. Rose pass – and SNOW!!

10-25-09 B Mount Rose (4)

And back home, we watched the sunset as we sat by the fire.   Check out the sunset reflection on the mountain.

10-25-09 C Washoe Lake 005

Tomorrow we head south – cold front and snow will be here on Tuesday and we want to avoid it.

October 24, 2009 – Virginia City, Nevada

 We woke to a beautiful morning.  Here is our site (check out the mountains around us – we are at ~ 4500 above sea level):

10-24-09 A Washoe Lake State Park 003

10-24-09 A Washoe Lake State Park 004

Washoe Lake:

10-24-09 A Washoe Lake State Park 009

10-24-09 A Washoe Lake State Park 011

Mule deer on their way for a drink in the lake:

10-24-09 A Washoe Lake State Park 012a

After a few stops in Carson City, we made our way to Virginia City – the scenery was WOW!!! 

Virginia City and the surrounding areas are known for their rich silver mines in the mid 1800s. This town sits in the high mountains – it is amazing to see and just imagine what it was like for the miners.  The buildings along the main street are original although it is mostly a touristy town now.

We decided that we would take the trolley around the town.

Getting ready for the trolley:

 10-24-09 B Virginia City 010a

The Main Street (the sidewalks are wooden):

10-24-09 B Virginia City 013

10-24-09 B Virginia City 004

The building behind the Delta Saloon is their courthouse and still in use today (Virginia City has about 1000 year round residents):

10-24-09 B Virginia City 011

There were even entrances to the mines from some of the buildings:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 034

In its heyday, only millionaires were allowed on the second and third floors of the Old Washoe Club.  Now think about it, this was the mid 1800’s – what would that million dollars be worth today!

10-24-09 B Virginia City 040

The Red Light District:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 001

The Churches:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 003

The Mansions:

 10-24-09 B Virginia City 030

The cemeteries – there are 15 in Virginia City – Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Fireman, Chinese, Irish, etc. (remember this is the 1800’s – LOL):

10-24-09 B Virginia City 018

One of the mines:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 027 

And one of the characters – LOL:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 033 

After lunch, we decided to take a stage coach ride – oh my.  I have a LOT more respect for our ancestors who traveled this way!  We did less than a mile and my back and butt were sore.   I cannot imagine how they did hundreds of miles and even slept in them while traveling.  WOW!

Here is Andy by our stage coach and horses:

10-24-09 B Virginia City 039

And we are off – HI HO SILVER, AWAY!!!

10-24-09 B Virginia City 037

Back home at the campfire, we watch hang gliders take off from the mountains, drift in the air currents and land in the park.

10-24-09 C Washoe Lake State Park 016

10-24-09 C Washoe Lake State Park 010

What a nice ending to a great day!


October 23, 2009 – Travel to Nevada

The sunrise this morning:

10-23-09 0A 006 

I have to say that this picture was by my Andy with his new birthday camera.   Those who know me, know that I am not a morning person and he did a great job in capturing the beauty of this sunrise!!

We made our way further south – more pictures of the high desert:

10-23-09 A Travel on 395 001

If you look in the left middle of this picture, there are trees with the fall colors.  We have found that every area near a home/ranch we saw a number of trees, most now changing color – what a contrast to the surrounding area.

10-23-09 A Travel on 395 003

We made our way thru Reno and are staying at Washoe Lake State Park – between Reno and Carson City.  What beauty!!!  I promise pictures tomorrow.

Andy and I spent the day doing some things around the motorhome and just enjoying the sunshine and the dry weather.  And, of course, the incredible sunset, the stars and a great campfire!!   (And we heard the coyotes howling!)


Miles Traveled:  94 Miles

Routes Traveled:

California: US-395

Nevada: US-395

October 22, 2009 – Traveling thru the High Desert

We left our little spot in the trees and continued south alternating between National Forest and High Desert Landscapes.

This is Klamath Lake:

10-22-09 A Klamath Lake 003

10-22-09 A Klamath Lake 007

Yes, that is a snow covered mountain and lots of birds in the lake – they are heading south also – :-)).

 10-22-09 A Klamath Lake 010

And the high desert – we are between 4000’ and 5000’ above sea level:

10-22-09 B Travel on 39 and 395 005

10-22-09 B Travel on 39 and 395 013

10-22-09 B Travel on 39 and 395 021


Isn’t this just beautiful…  I really missed the desert – can’t believe I said that –:-)))

We are camped at Honey Lake RV Park near Milford, California – a Passport America park.  We pulled in late and the sunset was incredible and the stars – oh my!!  I have missed the desert!


Miles Traveled: 335 miles

Routes Traveled:

Oregon: US-97; SR-39; SR-140; SR-39; SR-139

California: SR-139; SR-299; US-395


October 21, 2009 – A Lazy Day

We woke to rain this morning and decided to just relax.  When the rain let up we decided to do a little exploring.

The first stop was at the Deschutes River viewpoint in the campground:

10-21-09 La Pine Oregon 005

We made a stop at the post office in La Pine and then off to the Lava Lands Visitor Center.   This area has a number of natural lava formations and we wanted to see some of them.  The center and surrounding area – closed for the season as well as the Lava River Caves.  We then went to the Lava Cast Forest but the road ended and with the rain last night and this morning, I did not want to drive 8 miles on a dirt road..

So we headed back to the RV and relaxed.  I did get caught up with my emails since the computer crash and transfer.  So if I owe you an email and you have not heard from me, please email me again.  The rain also started again so no campfire tonight.  

Tomorrow we head further south but this area still remains on our bucket list (only earlier in the season) – I am going to need more buckets – LOL!

A final picture of our site:

10-21-09 La Pine Oregon 009


October 20, 2009 – The High Plateau of Oregon

Today’s travels took us thru more of the Gorge:

10-20-09 A Columbia River Gorge - I84 011

10-20-09 A Columbia River Gorge - I84 006

10-20-09 A Columbia River Gorge - I84 008

a long climb out of the Gorge:


10-20-09 B Travel on US97 003

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 004

To the high plateau:

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 014

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 008

Just imagine being on this high plateau, grasses as far as you can see, and in the distance, the snow covered peaks of the Cascades.

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 032

Mount Hood:

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 038

Mount Jefferson:

10-20-09 B Travel on US97 043

I will never tire of this and continue to say – WOW, WOW, and more WOW – we are so blessed!

We stopped in Bend, Oregon to get new tires for the Tracker – it was time!  And then headed to La Pine State Campground for the night.   Another beautiful state campground and since it is the off season, we are getting full hookups for $12.00 – Nice!  We may stay here for a few more nights, depending on the weather, and do some sightseeing.  Stay tuned.


Miles Traveled: 239 Miles

Oregon: I-84; US-97