August 28, 2007 – Alaskan Highway

We continued on down the ALCAN. Fall is beautiful here. The grasses are a wheat color; the fireweed leaves are a burgundy color and their seeds are a pinkish white puff ball; the yellow wildflower has turned to a white puffball; the trees and bushes are yellow; and in the background of all of this are the green spruce trees, the mountains, and the snow on top. WOW!

The worst of the highway is now behind us. The first 100 miles into Canada was filled with lots of broken road and frost heaves. Both the US and Canada continue to try to find the best way to do a road on the permafrost.

Some pictures of the Kluane Mountains:

As we neared Whitehorse, we noticed that everything is greener. Except for the fireweed, fall has not arrived here yet.

We are staying at the Pioneer RV Park – same one we stayed on the way up. There is a lot more spaces now. And there is free WiFi.

We have booked a train/bus trip to Skagway for tomorrow – can’t wait!!

Miles Traveled: 214
Routes Traveled:
Yukon: YK-1 (ALCAN)

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