August 27, 2007 – Our Last Day in Alaska

Today was our flight seeing/mail run day and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day!

Chisana is a little town in the Wrangell Mountains that gets mail delivery twice a week by plane. There are no roads into the town so everything is brought in by plane. If there is room on the run, you can book passage and that is what we did.

Our plane:

The scenery was… well, I will show you.

Notice the blue lake on the ice (lower left):

Notice the yellow trees – fall colors.

When we arrived, everyone came out to get their mail. Notice the ATV’s.

I had an interesting conversation with the woman who is the postmaster. They do not have an actual post office because everyone comes out on mail day. She also runs a B&B but this year did not have running water – she brings water in from the river. She is also in the process of doing the town’s history. This was a large gold mining town in the 1930’s.

Here is Chisana:
When I hear stories of these types of communities, I truly admire the people. They know how to survive and prepare for the hard times. I just love to hear their stories...

What a nice way to say goodbye to Alaska.

So now we are on the ALCAN heading to Mile Post 0. We traveled into the Yukon and are camped at Lake Creek Government Campground. Another beautiful state/provincial park. Our site:

Miles Traveled: 160
Routes Traveled:
Alaska: AK-2 (ALCAN)
Yukon: YK-1 (ALCAN)

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