August 18, 2007 - The Glenn Highway and Matanuska Glacier

The Glenn Highway from Palmer to Glenallen is situated between the Chugach Mountains in the south and the Talkeetna Mountains to the north. It is beautiful!!

Our first stop was the Matanuska Glacier. This is a valley glacier and is 24 miles long and averages about 2 miles in width. Since part of the land is privately owned, we were able to get on the glacier.

The glacier:

Notice the people in this picture:

More glacier pictures including Andy and I – glacier trekking... The orange cones are the trail to the white ice. The cones are actually on the glacier.

We followed the trail and then did some trekking on our own. We could have hired a guide but decided not. Instead we followed others and watched where they walked. There were some areas that were a little scary. When we stepped on them, you could here the ice cracking. And in some areas, it looked liked little water channels, but when we put our walking sticks in, they went down a few feet. (I think next time, we will hire a guide!!!).

All in all, it was really interesting to be on the ice.

We continued our travels down the highway and stopped at Sheep Mountain. Dall sheep usually gather here in the spring to eat the mineral licks on the mountain. The orange color is gypsum mixed with iron oxide. We could not find any sheep today.

Another view of the Chugach Mountains:

We camped tonight at the Mendeltna Lodge and enjoyed dinner and drinks in the Lodge as well as a nice chat with the owners. She is from Pennsylvania and raises Mastiffs and he is from Michigan. A great time.

Miles Traveled: 103
Routes Traveled:
Alaska: AK-1 (Glenn Highway)

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