June 26, 2007 – Travel to Dawson Creek and Milepost 0

We woke to a chilly 38 degrees this morning and it was tough leaving that incredible campsite. We continueD our travels through the Rockies to Chetwynd for a stop to see the wood sculptures. Every year they have a contest and the sculptures must be competed within 4 days. Look at some of these sculptures and detail:

And of course, me and my moose. By the way, we are in moose country. Still haven’t seen any but I keep looking.

Leaving Chetwynd, there is a large climb into the high plains where there is many farms – beautiful country and so very green and many of the fields covered in wildflowers.

We arrived at Dawson Creek and the famous Milepost 0 of the Alaskan Highway.

We are staying at the Milepost 0 Campground (free WiFi - Yea!). We spent the day around town, stocking up, and had supper at a local restaurant – Rockwell’s Pub. And tomorrow we start on the Alcan Highway. (Still can't believe we are here!! - :-))

Miles Traveled: 126 miles
Routes Traveled:
British Columbia: BC-97

June 25, 2007 – On the way TO the Alcan Highway

We are still in route to Dawson Creek. And we are still in the heavily forested areas. This area of British Columbia has been hit hard by the mountain pine beetles. These beetles prefer mature (80 years or older) lodge pole pines. The lumber companies are trying to cut down as many of the infested trees quickly to salvage the wood and they are trying to manage the problems this has brought. As we traveled from area to area, we could see how much infestation there is. It is sad.

This route also took us over the Rockies. Isn’t this beautiful! (Yes, that is snow!!)

We crossed at Pine Pass which is the lowest pass breaching the Rocky Mountains in Canada. And 4 miles away from the pass but still in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we found a campsite at Azouzetta Lake Lodge. This lodge/campground has been recently reopened under new management and they are in the process of upgrading.

But the best part was the site:

The view from the inside of the RV (with Elliot):

(Can you believe only $15.00/night!!)

Awesome scenery:

There was only one other camper – a motorcyclist from Denver. He visited with us for a while around the campfire and watching the sunset and the changes in the mountain scenery.

Notice the changes in the color of the scenery because of the clouds and sun position. All we kept saying was WOW!

The only rough part was the mosquitoes and other biting bugs. We did spray around the campsite and we have bug zappers which did help (although we were bitten up before did all the spraying.)

The sun did not set until 10 and every time Andy or I woke up, it was still light - Amazing.

Miles Traveled: 184.0 miles
Routes Traveled:
British Columbia: BC-97

June 24, 2007 – British Columbia

Today’s travels took us through the interior of British Columbia. The scenery changed from mountains to rolling hills (although the “hills” are more like our mountains back home) to farmland (many horses and cattle – and even a few llamas). We left the desert type areas and entered the heavily forested areas dotted with many beautiful lakes.

We stopped at 100 Mile House (yes, that is the name of the town) to use their free dump and to fill with water. Then we stopped at 150 Mile House to fuel. There are a number of towns/burgs on this road based on the old Cariboo Wagon Road that started in Lillooet. 100 Mile House is 100 miles from Lillooet, 108 Mile House is 108 miles from Lillooet, etc.

We are slowly getting use to the metric system of liters, meters, and kilometers. But everything is so much more expensive here - gas ($4.34/gallon), food, and campgrounds. We were going to spend time along this route but decided to spend our downtime on the Alaska Highway. So we are driving every day until we get to Dawson Creek – Milepost 0.

We are definitely on the Alaskan route. Our campground last night filled up after I took the posted picture and many of them are going to Alaska. Many of the people we met today are also heading that way – Incredible!!

We stayed at 10 Mile Lake Provincial Park – nice campground and similar to our state parks.

The lake:
The lakeside trail:
Andy and his flags at our site:

And the best – a campfire – but Andy had to split the wood:

Miles Traveled: 198 miles
Routes Traveled:
British Columbia: BC-97


June 23, 2007 – Southern British Columbia

Our travels today took us along the Cascades to Hope, BC.

Take a look at these mountains. The tops of some of them are higher than the clouds.

From Hope, we took the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek. This is considered to be the dry forest region of British Columbia – apparently very hot in the summer. (Today was in the 60’s.)

In this canyon are the Fraser River, Canadian Route 1, and two railroad lines – the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific. The river was running VERY fast due to the snow melt and flooding in the north. The scenery was spectacular!!!

Two different views of the road…..

We stopped in Spences Bridge at the Log Cabin Pub for lunch -great place! It is a little town among the many mountains.
Further north, we followed the Thompson River.

The canyon started to open into a valley with fruit farms. Many roadside stands but most were closed as we went by.

We are staying at the historic Hat Creek Ranch (reasonable rates and only 8 sites).

This heritage site has a number of restored buildings from the early 1800’s as well as a Native Shuswap Village Interpretation Site. So after we set up, we took a nice stroll among the buildings. There was even a nice stagecoach…..

No campfires here – I really miss them…

Miles Traveled: 148 miles
Routes Traveled:
British Columbia: PH-1, BC-97

June 22, 2007 - Oh! Canada

And we are off!! We left Lake Connor Park and stopped for gas (can you believe 2.929 – Yea!) and propane. We drove US-9 through some beautiful areas as we neared the border.

We crossed into Canada with no problems at all. Now what is really funny is that we came in low on supplies. After reading the regulations, we did not want to chance losing anything. But we went thru easily and were not searched...

So the first thing on our list after we crossed was getting supplies and going to a bank to get money exchanged which we did in Abbotsford.

Our travels to our stop took us thru a beautiful valley with incredible mountains on both sides and just as incredible clouds!

We stayed at Rainbow Ranch RV Park in Rosedale, BC.

Miles Traveled: 125 miles
Routes Traveled:
Washington: US-9, SR-530, I-5, US-20, US-9
British Columbia: PH-11; PH-1

June 21, 2007 - Preparations and Goodbyes

We have made the decision to go North to Alaska tomorrow. So today was spent getting ready. This evening, Sandy and Raul, gave us a small party for our sendoff. (We were joined by Sandy and Mike, Pat and Chelsea.)

We have had a wonderful time here and we will miss everyone. (And I know we will stay in touch!). Thank you all.


June 14-20, 2007 – Family

Another update on what has been happening.

We have had such a wonderful time visiting with family – getting caught up and meeting new family members.

On Saturday, June 16, 2007, our grandson, Patrick married Chelsea Marconi in a wonderful ceremony.

Some pictures:

Mike, Sandy, Chelsea, Patrick, Eric

Andy with his daughters – Sandy and Sheryl

Andy with his granddaughters – Kate and Sabrina

Mike’s Mom and Pop – Sandy and Raul

What a wonderful day!!

On Sunday, June 17 – Father’s Day – Andy was able to spend with his two daughters and I knew it was special to him. (Thanks, Sandy and Sheryl!).

We would like to thank Sandy, Mike, Sandy, and Raul for their hospitality during this visit. We had a really great time and we really appreciate it.

At this time, we are not sure what we are doing but stay tuned for more updates!!

You will also see some new additions to the blog. I have added: weather square on where we are located (and there is also a square to get the weather where you are); a banner announcing the latest updates; and a buddy map where you can add your location. Try it out and let me know what you think…


June 7-13, 2007 Time with Family

Just to update all of you on what has been happening. We stayed at Sandy and Mike’s until Sunday (6/10). We were able to get caught up with all the MH upkeep and visit with family: Mike, Sandy, Kate, Pat, Chelsea, Sandy and Raul (Mike’s mom and pop). It is wonderful seeing everyone after such a long time.

On Sunday, 6/10, we moved up to Lake Conner Park, next to Mike’s mom and pop, Sandy and Raul. (Their neighbor has graciously allowed us to stay at their site.) Everyone has been so wonderful to us and we really appreciate it. (Thank you so much!)

On Tuesday, 6/12, our granddaughter, Kate, graduated from Lake Stevens High School. Congratulations, Kate!

Kate with Mike and Sandy:

More family is coming in. Sandy’s mom, Linda, flew in on Monday. Sheryl and Sabrina (our other daughter and granddaughter) will be coming in on Thursday. And our Pat and Chelsea will be getting married on Saturday. (Congratulations, Pat and Chelsea!!).

We have had a chance to do some site-seeing. On Monday, 6/11, we took a tour of the Boeing plant in Everett. This is the world’s largest building by volume and employs over 26,000 people. The buildings are HUGH!!!. Each of these doors is the size of a football field:

We were able to see 747’s in various stages of production. Very impressive!! (Could not take any pictures!). Afterwards we went to their museum, the Future of Flight and Andy had a chance to fly a plane (only kidding!!):

Boeing will be rolling out their new plane next year – the 787 Dreamliner. The museum had a lot of information on this new plane that is going to be about 20% more fuel efficient and product 20% fewer emissions.

The weather here has been mostly raining or overcast. And the skies are impressive but it is difficult to see the mountains.

But when it is sunny, it is beautiful and we could see the Cascades. So Tuesday, 6/12, was one of those clear days and we decided to take a drive to Steven’s Pass.

A few pictures:

Just imagine looking out your window on a clear day and seeing those mountains – Awesome.

This is Deception Falls:

Our plans for now are: Patrick and Chelsea’s wedding on Saturday, 6/16 and spending father’s day with the family on Sunday, 6/17. (This will be the first time in a LONG time that Andy will be able to spend Father’s Day with his girls!) Tentative plans to leave for Alaska are on Tuesday, 6/19. Stay tuned for more updates!!


June 5-6, 2007 - Washington, Family, and Downtime

We are spending time with our family and getting some maintenance done with the MH. (Thank you, Mike and Sandy). We will be staying here for a few days and then moving to Lake Stevens. So today, I have updated the blog from May 29 and will be getting caught up with emails, etc. I will not be updating every day until after the 17th, however, stop back for some family pictures. We may even do some sightseeing when we get caught up.

June 3, 2007 – Travel thru Washington

Today’s travels took us over the Columbia River Gorge – Incredible!

And over the Cascade Mountains – Awesome!

Do you remember the TV series “Northern Exposure”? Well, it was not filmed in Alaska but in Roslyn, WA. Roslyn also happens to be a historic mining town. We stopped in to the museum and met an interesting fellow who talked about the town, the filming of Northern Exposure, their mining heritage, and Alaska. He has a cabin in Alaska and gave us some interesting places to stop. What an adventure.

Back to Northern Exposure…
Here is a picture of the Radio Station:

The café:
And the inside of the Brick: (We had a great lunch there!)

We arrived at our daughter’s, Sandy, late afternoon. We will be staying here for a while. Our granddaughter, Kate, will be graduating high school on June 12 (Congratulations, Kate!) and our grandson, Patrick, will be getting married on June 16 (Congratulations, Rick and Chelsea!).

Miles Traveled: 295
Routes Traveled:
Washington: I-90, I-405, US-9