March 4 to March 9, 2015 Traveling Along

Since I last wrote we have stayed at four places and traveled 480 miles.  We have gone from day temperatures of 45 degrees to 85 degrees with night temperatures from 27 degrees to 55 degrees – What a change…

We continued our stay in Summerdale Alabama until Friday, mostly because of the weather front that was coming thru here and into northern Florida.  Thursday started out very cloudy at 70 degrees and by mid afternoon it was in the 40’s – Brrrr.  We awoke Friday to below freezing temperatures but beautiful sunny skies so we decided to head out.

The northern part of Florida has surprised me.  When Andy and I worked we took many vacations to the Florida Keys and Orlando area but we mostly saw sandy areas between big cities.

How refreshing it was to see all these farms and trees and grass – we have missed the greenery:

03-06-15 A Travel Summerdale to Border  (8)

03-06-15 A Travel Summerdale to Border  (10)

03-06-15 B Travel Border to Tallahasee I-10 (16)

We made our way to Perry, Florida and stayed at their local Elks Lodge Campground.  Here we are – isn’t it beautiful:

03-06-15 A Perry (2)

The kitties enjoying the sun and the birds:

03-06-15 A Perry (15)

The lodge had 14 spaces with electric and water for $15.00.  They also had a dump station.  Given these surroundings, we decided to stay for two days and enjoy.  Our first night we had dinner in the lodge and found that it was a little different that most of the other lodges – not as friendly.  Oh well.  The second night we stopped in and met a father and son from upstate New Year and had a great time. (We must be a little homesick.)  We will keep this lodge on our list for a nice place to stay. 

On Sunday, we continued our trek south:

03-08-15 A Travel from Perry to Summerfield (7)

Check out this truck – WOW!:

03-08-15 A Travel from Perry to Summerfield (15)

Past a number of the horse farms in the Ocala area:

03-08-15 A Travel from Perry to Summerfield (19)

To our spot for the night:

03-08-15 A Smithfield (2)

Yes, that is Camping World.  We had an early appointment on Monday and they let us stay in their parking lot overnight.

On Monday, we were one of the first to get serviced.  So with our new tire we traveled another 37 miles to the Sumter Oaks Rainbow Escapee Park.  Here is our site:

03-09-15 A Bushnell (2)

Yes, we are that close to our neighbor. Yet, we do have a lot of yard.  The park has a number of different setups and is mostly reservation.  Since we did not make any reservations, this is where we are.  (Sure hope our neighbor didn’t make reservations.)

Bordering the park is the main road, farmland with cows, a donkey farm, and this lake/swamp.  I find these trees very interesting:

03-09-15 A Bushnell (3)

03-09-15 A Bushnell (5)

The weather is hot and humid but the nights do cool down.  In just a few days we have gone from using our furnace and heater to using the air conditioner.  We have also had two time changes – Friday into the eastern time zone and then Sunday into daylight savings time.  So we also getting use to that.

We were only going to stay one night but decided to stay here until Wednesday so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Our travel stats:

Summerdale, Alabama to Perry, Florida

Miles Traveled: 311 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Alabama: CR-28; CR-55; CR-32; CR-87; US-90

Florida: US-90; US-90A; I-10; US-19; Puckett Road

Perry, Florida to Summerfield, Florida

Miles Traveled: 132 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Florida: Puckett Road; US-19; US-27; US-441

Summerfield, Florida to Bushnell, Florida

Miles Traveled: 36 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Florida:  US-441; SE 147th Place; US-301; CR-673




Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Take your time getting back to PA. Safe travels.

Diane said...

Yes, we are. Keeping an eye on the long range forecast.... Thanks and hope all is well.