March 16–18, 2015 Wauchula

On Monday, 16th, we said our see you laters and hope to see you later this year to Shelly and Bill.  We are so blessed with such good friends.

We headed north to Wauchula to The Resort, an Escapees CO-OP and got settled in our site. This is really a very nice park:

03-16-17-15 Wauchula (1)

03-16-17-15 Wauchula (2)

03-16-17-15 Wauchula (6)

We were met by Bob and Donna who got a lot here a few years ago.  Great to see them again.  Once we were settled, we headed off to Lake Manatee State Park to visit with Andy’s brother Bill and Marcia.  We have not seen them in a while and when we realized we were so close, we just had to get together.  So we spent the day with them and they treated us to a great cookout! (Thank you, Bill and Marcia.)

Miles Traveled: 44 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Florida:  US-17; SR-64

I spent Tuesday morning at the laundry and the clubhouse, meeting folks and checking the place out.  This is really a nice place but we had lots of questions so this afternoon we spent some time with Bob and Donna in getting those questions answered.

That evening we went to the St. Paddy’s day dinner and dance – another great time.

Donna, me, Bob:

03-17-15 Wauchula (7)

On Wednesday, we did some shopping, some visiting, and went to Happy Hour in the Clubhouse where we met more folks from the Co-op.  And we decided to put our name on the list for a lot here.  (Before you know it, we will be lot barons – HAHAHA!)  It will be a few years so we have time to decide what we are going to do.

Tomorrow we continue our journey north so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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