February 26–27, 2015 Biloxi, Mississippi

February 26th, we packed up, dumped our tanks and away we went eastward.

Across the Mississippi – does that mean we are officially in the east?

02-26-15 A Travel Hackberry to Border I10 (1)

Much of I-10 in this area is built above the swamplands:

02-26-15 A Travel Hackberry to Border I10 (7)

So much water, oh my:

02-26-15 A Travel Hackberry to Border I10 (23)

After being in the west for well over a year, it is amazing to see all this water. 

We made our way into Mississippi:

02-26-15 B Travel Border to Biloxi I-10 (10)

We decided to stay in D’lberville (near Biloxi) at their Moose Lodge for a few days.  Full hook-ups for $12.00 – not bad.  After setting up, we went to the Lodge for happy hour and supper – What a great time talking to the local folks. 

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 298 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Louisiana: Intracoastal Road; SR-27; I-10

Mississippi: I-10; SR-16; Promenade Parkway; Gay Road

On Friday, February 27th, we woke to a beautiful sunshiny day so off we went to the Gulf of Mexico.  US-90 goes thru Biloxi and hugs the Gulf Shoreline.  In 2005, many of the homes and business were destroyed by the winds and storm surge of Hurricane Katrina.  Many of those older southern homes have not rebuilt so there are many areas where we saw driveways leading to grassy lots.  So sad.  Many of the business have come back.  All of the casinos were pretty much destroyed.  They have rebuilt and helped the town recover.

The new bridge over the bay:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (3)

Part of the old bridge was destroyed.  They fixed what was left and it is now a nice place to walk, fish, and you can even drive on part of it (notice the new bridge in the background):

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (6)

One of the casinos:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (23)

The beautiful white beaches:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (39)

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (49)

This looked so inviting – we just had to walk to the end:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (42)

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (50)

The coastline:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (54)

One of the pier posts:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (62)

What a beautiful area!

The local Elks Lodge is located along US-90 with a beautiful view of the Gulf.  We stopped in to have a late lunch and had a great time chatting with the local folks who told us about places to see and about the hurricanes.  Very interesting.

I just love these HUGE southern trees – this was in the Elks Lodge parking lot:

02-27-15 A Area around Biloxi (72)

Back home, we started to look at our plans for the next few weeks.  As most of you know, Andy and I don’t do reservations – we really just wing it!  BUT coming up is Florida where reservations are required for almost everything.  We will be visiting friends and also the Escape Parks and then probably heading north into Georgia to stay for a while.  So that is our soft plans – weather dependent of course.  (To my friends and family at home – we will be there when the flowers start blooming.  Hang in there – spring is coming.)

With that said, tomorrow we continue our journey east so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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