July 4-5, 2014




By the time this is posted, the holiday will be over – I hope that you all had a great time.

On the 4th, we just hung out at home.  We both did some things around the motorhome and then got caught up with my blog and pictures.  I am almost out of data for this cycle so the blog will be posted on the new cycle or when we get WIFI.

This evening, we had a front row seat for the fireworks – we were in the middle of all of them.  They started about 8:30 PM and lasted for a few hours.  The main show at the Rodeo Grounds started at 9 and ended at 10.  Then the smaller groups continued for another hour – it was AWESOME.  We have been to the Lake Havasu Pyro Conference which was the king of all fireworks.  But I have to say, for a small town, they did an AWESOME display – some sections rivaled Lake Havasu.  Great show!

My kitties, on the other hand, had a hard night – poor babies.  They were troopers and pulled through.  Smile


Today, Saturday, 5th, was the normal laundry, grocery, clean up, etc. kind of day.

Tomorrow we are heading north so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Congratulation on your 1000 post. Quit a milestone. U 2 are having a wonderful trip. Safe travels.