July 24–27, 2014 Our Time in Shoshone National Forest

On Thursday morning, 24th, we packed up, made a stop for gas and at Wal-Mart and away we went  - west on the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Highway – along the Shoshone River:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (1)

The small paved road on the right of the river was the original road to Yellowstone:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (3)

Through the tunnels:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (18)

Past Buffalo Bill Dam/Reservoir:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (23)

We hope to see more of them:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (25)

Into the Wapiti Valley, passing horses:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (29)

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (30)

And Big Bob, of course:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (31)

Past farms:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (36)

And this strange mansion:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (45)

Past the Antler Inn – wonder why they called it that – Smile:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (49)

Almost there:

07-24-14 A Travel from Cody to Wapiti CG (54)

We made our way to Wapiti Campground.  There are two loops, one with electric and one without.  We were hoping for an electric site but all the non reservable sites were taken.  However, there will be a few open within the next two days so we hope to move.

Our site backs up to the Shoshone River:

07-24-14 B Wapiti CG (5)

07-24-14 B Wapiti CG (7)

Here it is:

07-24-14 B Wapiti CG (9)

It is so great to be in the forest again.  Just to hear the wind, the river, the birds, oh my.  Smile Smile Smile Rainbow

We set up a few things and made a few walks around the campground talking to folks.  We ended the evening with a wonderful campfire.  Supper was cooked over the grill instead of the fire – this is bear country – Yikees!   And we do not want to attract them.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 31 Miles 

Routes Traveled:

Wyoming: Mountain View Drive; US14/16/20

Friday, 25th

This morning we woke to the sounds of the birds singing and the river rushing – Smile!  Since we are in the National Forest camp fire wood can be collected as long as it is down and dead.  So that was our mission this morning.

There is a bridge near the fishing area and we found out that we could drive over it so…. away we went:

The road on the other side of the bridge:

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (1)

And the views:

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (3)

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (10)

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (19)

About three miles in, the road ended at the river:

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (25)

We did not have any luck finding down and dead wood but we did have a pretty drive:

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (30)

07-25-14 A Wapiti CG (32)

We took a quick ride around the electric loop of the campground to see if anyone was leaving and, yes, there was!  We put the tag on the post, went back to the original site, packed up, and now we are in our new site with electric.  It doesn’t get any better than this – Smile.

We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon, sitting out and reading.  At one point we noticed this:

07-25-14 B Wapiti CG (9)

Oh-Oh, FIRE!!

07-25-14 B Wapiti CG (19)

07-25-14 B Wapiti CG (42)

We watched for a while then made our way to the campground host as the smoke got thicker.  Fire officials were aware of it and watching closely.  So far, it has been contained to the Wilderness Area.

When the darkness came, we tried to see if anything was “glowing” and it was not.

This is our new site:

07-25-14 B Wapiti CG (29)

Our back yard:

07-25-14 B Wapiti CG (32)

Did you notice the wood pile?  Andy found wood right behind our new site and spent the afternoon cutting it in pieces.  Looks like we will be here for a while – Smile.

Did you also notice the brown box near the picnic table.  That is the bear box.  Each site has one and we are to store anything that has to do with food in that box or our RV.  For now, we have stored our grill in it.

The wind gusts were pretty high today and tonight so we did not have a campfire – maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, 26th

Andy talked with the campground host first thing this morning about the fires.  The one that was five miles up the road is now contained.  The one that is in the Wilderness Area is just being watched at this time.  So we are staying!

We took a little walk around the campground this morning and walked over to the bridge and river:

07-26-14 A Wapiti CG (12)

This is the bridge that we drove over yesterday:

07-26-14 A Wapiti CG (15)

One of the logs hung up under the bridge:

07-26-14 A Wapiti CG (26)

Looking back towards the campground:

07-26-14 A Wapiti CG (27)

We enjoyed the rest of the day hanging out around the campfire, reading and beading.  Life is good.

On Sunday, 27th, we checked out a few of the campgrounds around us.  In Escapees, there is a section of Days End that is a listing of places to stay for $15.00 or less.  One gentlemen, Guy, does a great job in compiling them but he relies on all of us to report and update on those places.  In this area, there are seven campgrounds that needed an updated report.  So this morning, we did four of them and then headed to Wal-Mart for a few supplies (primarily a new coffee pot  Smile).

Back home, we did the same as yesterday, reading, beading, campfire – Life is good.

Tomorrow we head to Yellowstone so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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