July 16, 2014 A Slow Day





Yes, it was only of those kind of days.  Rainy, cloudy, sleepy, etc.  So we just hung out, updated the blog, read, beaded, and so on.

While Andy was sitting outside, we had a visitor walk thru the campground – look by the dumpster:

07-16-14 Eagle RV (1)

07-16-14 Eagle RV (1)a

The owner told Andy that this guy walks thru every day – Smile.

Tomorrow we are headed to Cody for a week so stay tuned and enjoy today.



Jan Mains said...

You'll need a week to see Cody. Take two days to do the museum or you will be overwhelmed. The admission is good for two days. There's also a dam just west of town that's worth visiting. The video is very good.

Diane said...

Thanks Jan. We did part of the museum today - it is OVERWHELMING!! Hope to do the dam also - :-)