July 11, 2014 A Different Journey

This blog is a little different – it will not be a travel blog.

This week, Andy and I lost two special people in our lives.



Andy first met JR when he became involved in Amateur Radio.  JR’s Dad is the one who helped Andy get his license. In fact, in this picture, JR’s Dad is the one in the red hat.  Andy spent many an evening with JR and JR’s dad talking ham radio.

JR was a good man.  He and his first fostered over 200 children in the course of their lives.  In later years, JR took care of his wife until she died a few years ago.  He found happiness again and remarried last year.

So sad.

Mom Jo also left us this week.  She is my best’s mom and was like my second mom.  She was a wonderful woman who not took care of her family but many of her friends and her children’s friends.

I remember spending many a holiday with her family – she treated me just like a daughter.  I will miss her and her laughter.


May your journey’s be heavenly and this is not goodbye but “see you later”.




Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Andy & Diane, So sorry for the loss of your loved ones. It's never easy. Sending warm hugs, J&C

Diane said...

Thank you.. You are right, it never is, Hugs to you both.

Jan Mains said...

Sorry for your loss.

Diane said...