July 1, 2014 Planning Day

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends.  Birthday cake  Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Last night I kept thinking about what we are going to do if we cannot stay here more than 3 days.  So when I got up, we both decided this was to be planning day.

As most of you know, I do not like to make reservations but then again, this is July – prime tourist season in the West and North West.  So since we are playing tourist, we needed to have some definite plans – as least over the next couple of weeks.

So today I spent on the phone and on the computer, figuring out where to go and making reservations – Yikees!!!!!

First up was a call to the town hall with permission to stay at this park until Sunday.  They told us to call the police station who said it was okay with them.  Then back to the town hall to let them know so then they could say okay.  YEA!!  So we will be in Wheatland until Sunday when we travel to Douglas for a day or two (city park, no reservations), then to Casper (where I could only get two days unless I wanted to pay something outrageous), then to Thermopolis for a week, then to Cody for a week.   After that we are heading to Yellowstone.  I was hoping to stay in the park but could not get any reservations.  So on the east side there are a couple of first come, first serve National Forest Campgrounds – same on the west side.  We may try those so stay tuned.  (Hey, making commitments for three weeks is really unusual for me!!)

Andy and I can usually stay anywhere but it is hot and will be staying hot so I did want electric (which, of course, has limited us).  By the time we are near Yellowstone, we will be in the mountains and it SHOULD be a little cooler.


So after that was done, we made a stop at the Visitor Center, Safeway and just hung out the rest of the evening.  I will sleep good tonight – Smile


Tomorrow we are heading to Fort Laramie National Historic Site so stay tuned and enjoy today.



Jan Mains said...

There's a campground near the north entrance. Personally, I'd do day trips from Cody. Yellowstone is bumper cars the whole way. The Tetons are much prettier.

Diane said...

Thanks, Jan We are still not sure what we are going to do, Thank you so much for the info. I just love the Tetons - we spent some time there last spring but none in Yellowstone. I think if there is toooooo many people, we may just do it another time. Hugs