November 9, 2012 – Washington DC At Night

We left our little spot at Gettysburg this morning and headed south into:

11-09-12 B US-15 S of Gettysburg 003

Past some beautiful farms:

11-09-12 B US-15 S of Gettysburg 005

Not good news for this barn:

11-09-12 B US-15 S of Gettysburg 011

And the wind was still blowing – check out the flag:

11-09-12 B US-15 S of Gettysburg 007

Beltway traffic – yikees:

11-09-12 C I-495 003

We made it safe and sound to our spot at Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, MD where we will be for a few days:

11-09-12 D Cherry Hill at College Park 002

After setting up, we took a little drive to check out our immediate area and then got ready for our tour of Washington, DC at night.  The nice thing about being in this park is that the bus for the tour picks us up right here – :-)).  So we did not have to drive.

Our DC at night tour took us past the US Capitol, The White House, Iwo Jima Memorial and a few other places.  It was very difficult to get pictures thru the bus window – Sorry.  However, we did make a few stops:

The Jefferson Memorial with a great view of the Washington Monument:

11-09-12 E  DC at night 009

11-09-12 E  DC at night 016

11-09-12 E  DC at night 018

11-09-12 E  DC at night 022

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial which consisted of 4 open rooms.  This sculpture was in Room 2 – it was done by George Segal to depict a 1939 breadline and the hunger that many Americans felt in the Depression years.

11-09-12 E  DC at night 032

The Martin Luther King Memorial:

11-09-12 E  DC at night 041

Our last stop was the Lincoln Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial – no night pictures but I will have more tomorrow.

Lincoln Memorial – I have been to the Lincoln Memorial many times in my life and still love to see it.  In school, I was not much of a history buff but Lincoln just fascinated me.  And now just coming from Gettysburg – what a treat to see this memorial again.  (Yes, we are going to see the new movie when we can.)

Korean War Memorial – OH MY!  This is my first time for seeing this – Breathtaking!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial – This is my third time here and still makes me cry.  They have started the reading of all the names on the wall (more about that later).

This part of the tour was very emotional for us!

Until tomorrow…..


Miles Traveled: 79 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Pennsylvania: SR-134; US15

Maryland: US15; I-270; I-495; US-1

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