November 5, 2012 – Gettysburg – The Battlefield, Cyclorama, and Museum

It has been many, many years since we have been to Gettysburg and I have to say that the new visitor center is very impressive.  We were greeted by:

 11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 004

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 008

After purchasing our combo tickets we headed to the museum.  The museum starts by telling the story of the Civil War thru the Battle of Gettysburg and beyond.  We were only in the museum for about 20 minutes and then headed to our bus tour of the Battlefield.  Our tour guide took us thru town first to orient us on how/direction all the troops (both sides) converged on this area.  From there we headed to McPherson’s Ridge where Day 1 of the battle was fought.

(I am not going to do a lot of history here – just some of the facts that impressed me.)

This is McPherson Farm on the ridge:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 020

The Union Guns:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 029

Many of the cannons on the battlefields are original and are pointing the way they would have in the fights.  We were told how to distinguish the original from the reproductions – I will have a picture later.  However, the wheels and shelf that the barrel sits on are all reproductions.

For me, standing there and just imagining the fighting all around was an emotional experience.   The town is less than a mile away.  Many of the towns folks had left but there were still quite a few here.  Some of these boys fighting on opposite sides knew each other.   All I can say is Oh My!

From there we went to Seminary Ridge, where most of the Confederate Soldiers gathered.   On our way there, we were told about all the monuments in Gettysburg area – over 1200 of them.  Initially they were put there by the veterans of the Civil War – Union.  No Confederate Monuments were allowed for quite a few years and then only state monuments first.

Here is more information:



This is the North Carolina Monument which was designed by the same person who did Mount Rushmore.  The faces of the monument were taken from photos of actual soldiers.

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 034

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 040

Pickets Charge Monument:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 047


This is the view from Little Round Top – Day 2 of the Battle – notice the monuments:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 053

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 056

 11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 059

From Little Round Top – Devils Den and the Slaughter Field:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 060

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 064

Our group at the top:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 066


One of the monuments at the top of Little Round Top is 140th New York which features Colonel O'Rorke's likeness in bronze, with the nose rubbed bright by those wishing to draw on his courage. (Yep, I rubbed his nose.)

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 068

One more last picture of the Battlefield today:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 049

From there we went to the Cyclorama of the Battle of Gettysburg.  It was done by French artist Paul Philippoteaux and purchased by the National Park Service in the late 1940's.

More info at:


This Cyclorama depicts Day 3 of the Battle of Gettysburg:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 073

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 074

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 080


The rest of the day we spent in the museum.

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 009

There is so much information in the museum – we were on overload. 

As we came around one corner, this wall of photos just took my breath away – it is actual photos of those killed in the Battle of Gettysburg – both sides.

 11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 087

This is just so hard to wrap my brain around:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 017

And so is this:

11-05-12 A Gettysburg NMP 094 

Think about this – all those wounded and dead.   This does not include the thousands of horses who were also killed or wounded.   This is July in Pennsylvania – hot and humid.  Some of the bodies were not removed for days.  Oh my!

What a emotional day!



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