November 24, 2012 – Travel to Oklahoma

We left the Moose early this morning – we are now in Central Time but our bodies are on Eastern Time. 

Continuing our travels on I-40 West – we are now in the area of the country where we can see miles ahead:

 11-24-12 A Travel on I-40 002

Oh my, we are near home – LOL – Pottsville, AR:

11-24-12 A Travel on I-40 004

Continuing our journey into:

 11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 003

Where we saw this:

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 006

Did you notice the cow to the left of the bus – maybe she is waiting for the hay to fall? – :-)

And so many rivers and lakes:

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 007

Spending time in Oklahoma is also on my bucket list..

We passed old oil rigs:

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 013

And new/working oil rigs:

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 024

And the wind was blowing – notice the flag:

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 008

The windmills were producing today:

 11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 017

This is west of Oklahoma City – check out the direction the trees grow.  Hmmm…seems like the wind must blow this way all the time…

11-24-12 B Travel on I-40 019

We made our way to Elk City, Oklahoma, City Park – free, electric, and water available – can’t beat that.  And we will be here for two nights – need to take a driving break and this is a great place to do it.  I promise pictures tomorrow.

Stats for today

Miles Traveled:  458 Miles  - Yep, another long day!

Arkansas: SR-176; US-67: I-40

Oklahoma:  I-40; I-240; I-44; I-40; SR-6; Lakeview Road; Washington Avenue; Elk City Lake Park


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