November 13-19, 2012 Delaware – Part 2 - Family

One of the main reasons we are here is to celebrate our granddaughter Alex’s marriage to Steve.  So over the last few days it has been wonderful to spend time with our daughter, granddaughters and brothers and sisters and all our extended family.  As you know, I keep much of my family get togethers private, however, a wedding is such a WONDERFUL celebration, I just had to include a separate post with pictures – :-)))))))

Alex, our daughter Sheryl, and a very proud dad and grandfather:

 11-17-12 006

11-17-12 032

11-17-12 033

11-17-12 043

Our new grandson-in-law Steve:

11-17-12 063

11-17-12 089

11-17-12 102

11-17-12 107

I LOVE this picture.  Both Sheryl and Andy do not smile much for pictures and I just kept snapping away as they were teasing each other.

11-17-12 115

Andy’s sister and brother with their spouses – all six of us.  First picture ever of the six of us (and we are all dressed up too – :-))):

11-17-12 125

Aren’t they the cutest couple ever!:

11-17-12 139

And after the reception – off they went in a boat – Cool!:

11-17-12 158

We had a wonderful time with family here – it is ALWAYS good to get together and we treasure those times.


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