August 16, 2007 – Palmer – More Resetting

Today we moved from the RV Park to the City Park - much nicer scenery and cheaper too. And we continued our resetting - cleaning, laundry..

Tomorrow we are going for a tour of the Tsunami Warning Center and maybe the Musk-OX Farm. So stay tuned.

I am in a library now updating the blog - Free WiFi is hard to find. So if I update any more for today, I will let you know in the What's New section.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry if you received this message a few times. I tried sending it and I do not believe that it went through, so here it is again.

hello Andy & Diane...long time and no talk to, and haven't seen you in a hell of time either. I hope everything is going well. I have been reading your blog spot and I have been enjoying your comments as well as your pictures. I'm sorry that we did not make any connections through the link as of late - but believe it or not, the repeater itself is off the air. Actually 345 went up in smoke and is currently on Pete's workbench. So periodically, I attempt to call you on our node directly which is currently on 146.52. I do monitor it at home in the evenings. I was talking to Dave KL7M and I told him the same thing about the repeater to relay the message just in case. I hope to catch up with you sometime in the near future. I hope you are enjoying and we talk at you again later on.

73s, I finally made it off the island.

Gilligan (and Jennifer too!)