March 28 to April 3, 2016 Rocks, Friends, and Heading East

Oh my..  Here I am trying to get caught up again with the blog.  I admire those folks who post every day – it truly is a commitment.

So here we go..

On the 28th and 29th, we batten down the hatches, turned on the air cleaner and air conditioner and went to and fro in the motor home – it was VERY WINDY!!  We even saw white caps on the Colorado River – WOW!

03-28-16 X Emerald Cove (1)

03-28-16 X Emerald Cove (3)

So after being cooped up for two days, we woke to a beautiful day on Wednesday and away we went on a road trip.  Our first stop was to Blankenship Wash north of Lake Havasu to do some rock hunting – Smile.

The wash:

03-30-16 A Blankenship Wash (1)

03-30-16 A Blankenship Wash (6)

03-30-16 A Blankenship Wash (9)

Lots and lots of rocks on the sides of the road which is in the wash.  We are still not sure what we are looking at but we did find some bacon jasper and quartz.  Cool!

Sorting out our rocks and deciding what we are taking:

03-30-16 A Blankenship Wash (3)

From there we headed south to Craggy Wash to visit with our friends Leonard and Carol who were camped there.  This wash belongs to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and they allow camping for up to 14 days.  The wash goes back at least for 5 miles and they took us exploring.  Really beautiful and we are putting that on our list of places to camp!

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (2)

There are different signs along the way – including mile marker signs:

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (4)

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (13)

Not sure what this means since we did not climb up to it:

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (20)

What a view!

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (27)

Sign on the way out:

03-30-16 B Craggy Wash (34)

From there we went to In and Out for lunch.  It was great to see them and get caught up.  They are heading to Alaska for the summer and I am looking forward to hearing about their trip.

Thursday was catch up day (laundry, etc.) and on Friday, 1st, we started our long trek to Pennsylvania – from California to Arizona:

04-02-16 A Travel Earp CA to CG AZ (5)a

The Palo Verde trees are in bloom and the desert is so green:

04-02-16 A Travel Earp CA to CG AZ (8)

04-02-16 A Travel Earp CA to CG AZ (22)

04-02-16 A Travel Earp CA to CG AZ (31)

We arrived at the gas station on Thornton Road with a little over a gallon of gas in our tank – oh my!!  Those who know my Andy can just imagine why!  We continued to our lot in Casa Grande, set up, and then met Jan and Ken at the Moose Lodge for supper.  It was great to see them again!

Stats for Today:

Miles Traveled: 230 Miles

Routes Traveled:

California: Parker Dam Road; SR-62

Arizona: SR-95; SR-72; Vicksburg Road; I-10; SR-85; I-8 Business; I-8; Thornton Road; SR-84; Montgomery Road

Saturday and Sunday were spent visiting with folks, getting haircuts, going thru all my rocks (and adding rocks to Carole’s rock garden), and cleaning up the sheds.  We ended the week at Jan and Ken’s for dinner – YUMMY.  Thank you both.

Enjoy today!



Jan Mains said...

One gallon of gas! We went to fill up and the diesel fuel was out of order. Where in PA are you headed?

Diane said...

Back home to Pottsville. :-) for the summer..