April 4 to April 12, 2016 Doctors, Friends, THE THING, Heading East

Our last four days in Casa Grande was a little crazy. 

On Monday, I took the cats to the Vets to have their nails trimmed.  I always had a problem with cutting Dusty’s nails so it was just easier to take him to the vets (and then starting taking Bella too).  Less stress on me and them.

Tuesday found us at the VA in Tucson for Andy’s tests.  I am always impressed at that complex!   On Thursday was Andy’s final visit with his primary VA doctor in Casa Grande.  All is good so we are heading east on Friday. 

In between, we packed up the motorhome, cleaned out our sheds, spent time with Katy on Open Live Writer (her blog is http://dancing-on-down-the-road.blogspot.com/), and saying our “see you laters” and “see you in the fall.”

On Friday, 8th, we were on our way east to Benson – check out those clouds:

04-08-16 Travel Casa Grande to Benson on 10 (11)

04-08-16 Travel Casa Grande to Benson on 10 (19)

04-08-16 Travel Casa Grande to Benson on 10 (24)

WOW- check out that scenery:

04-08-16 Travel Casa Grande to Benson on 10 (34)

We arrived at the Saguaro Escapee Park, set up, and spent the rest of the day with our good friends Bruce and Sue.  We have not seen them since Quartzsite so it will be great to spend the next few days with them.  Smile

Miles Traveled: 122 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Montgomery Road; I-8; I-10; SR-80

Saturday, 9th – THE THING!!

We have been coming and going on I-10 since 2008 and we always see signs advertising “THE THING” – What a Hoot! 

04-13-16 A AZ I10 Benson-Border (16)a

So today we decided to go see it since it was only 22 miles away.

The complex consists of a huge touristy gift shop, truck stop, gas station, Dairy Queen, and a doorway from the gift shop that looks like this:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (52)

So we paid our dollar and in we went….   Now I have to tell you that we thought it was going to be real hokey BUT we were surprised – VERY SURPRISED!.  There are three buildings with antique displays.  Here are some of them:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (4)

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (6)

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (9)

There were a number of these creatures throughout the buildings – very cute!:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (18)

Sue and I:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (24)

While Bruce was taking our picture, Andy was taking one of him and Bruce – LOL!:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (23)

We did find “THE THING”!   But I am not telling you what is there – you just need to see it for yourself. (Hey, it is only a dollar to get in!)

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (35)

More displays:

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (43)

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (45)

We were very pleasantly surprised and HIGHLY RECOMMEND a stop if you like to see old things.  And there is a Dairy Queen right there – which is where we had lunch.

This is for my Brother-in-Law, Bill.  I ALMOST bought it for you – Smile.  Isn’t he cute?

04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (1)04-09-16 The Thing Dragon (2)

On Sunday, 10, we stopped to visit Gloria and Frank and Sharon and Don who have lots at Cochise Terrace RV Resort nearby.  It was great to see them again, get a little caught up, and see their new lots.

On Monday, I stopped by to see Carol and Byron.  Carol has just had an ankle replacement and is doing well.  It was great to see them again and meet their daughter.

And it has been wonderful spending the time with Sue and Bruce, talking, laughing, sharing meals, and getting caught up.  Always good to see you, my friends.  It was also wonderful to meet their neighbors, Mary and Mike and spend some time with them. 

Our last night together – Mike, Andy, Bruce – can you tell how much fun we had:

04-12-16 Benson (1)

Mike, Andy, Bruce, Sue, Diane, Mary:

04-12-16 Benson (4)

We will miss you all.

Tomorrow we continue our trek east so stay tuned and enjoy today.



Jan Mains said...

You are about 12 days ahead of us. Hope to see you again in our travels.

Diane said...

Hope so too. :-)