April 25–27, 2014 Show Low

This blog will not be in chronological order so bear with me Smile

So how did Show Low get it’s name?  Well….

04-27-14 Show Low (13)a

This park is right on the main street “Deuce of Clubs.”

04-27-14 Show Low (38)

Cooley and Clark:

04-27-14 Show Low (17)

04-27-14 Show Low (25)

04-27-14 Show Low (35)

04-27-14 Show Low (31)

Aren’t they the cutest Smile:

04-27-14 Show Low (26)

The site of Cooley’s home – now a church:

04-27-14 Show Low (3)

Show Low’s Veterans Memorial:

04-27-14 Show Low (10)

Petrified Log:

04-27-14 Show Low (11)

On Saturday, a storm came thru our area and brought lots of wind, rain sheet and yes, snow – Yikees:

04-26-14 Show Low (6)

04-26-14 Show Low (13)

04-26-14 Show Low (15)

It was beautiful!  But by that evening the sun was shining and the snow was gone.  Oh well.

I have been playing with the camera on my smartphone.  The snow pictures were taken with the phone along with those below.  I am really liking this phone!

04-24-14 Show Low (12)

04-24-14 Show Low (6)

04-24-14 Show Low (13)

04-24-14 Show Low (18)

Andy took a lot of the pictures with his phone of the Salt River Canyon – posted a few days ago.  These phone cameras are great!

We really do like this area and will be back.  Both of us would love to spend a summer here and will put that in our future plans – Smile.

Today, Sunday, 27th is a big milestone for us – the end of 7 years living our dream.  We are so so blessed and thankful to be able to live our dreams, see the spectacular sights of this continent and meet some wonderful folks.  May we have many more experiences to come – Smile.

Tomorrow we continue our travels north so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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