June 17, 2013 Downtown Bozeman

One of the many things that has impressed me about the small towns in Wyoming and Montana is that their downtowns are maintained and vibrant.  And Bozeman is no different.
After running a few errands, Andy and I parked the car and toured a few of the blocks.
The streets were full of people - many restaurants, murals, small shops:
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (1)
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (2)
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (3)
We had lunch here at the Mackenzie River Pizza Company - YUM!!  Andy on the phone outside the restaurant:
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (11)a
And of course we had to go to the Chocolate Moose:
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (8)
The inside of the Chocolate Moose - Andy had a chocolate ice cream soda and I bought dark chocolate covered raspberry jellies - YUM and more YUM!
06-17-13 A Downtown Bozeman (12)

Back home we talked with our neighbors from Florida, Sam and Lynn, about their upcoming trip to Alaska.  Our other neighbors, Sharon and Jay,  stopped by - there are from PA - about 20 miles from our home.  We all had a great time.
We have decided to move to Great Falls tomorrow.  If all goes well with our motorhome, we will continue our travels.  Fingers crossed
Stay tuned and enjoy today!

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