June 2, 2013 Part Two - Visiting Friends in Evanston

A few weeks ago when we we decided to head north to the Grand Tetons and I was plotting our directions, I noticed the town of Evanston on our way.  HMMMMM, I think that is where Katy and Gary are for the summer.  So I emailed Katy and we were able to make things work out for today.

So once we got parked, I gave them a call and they came here.  We had a nice chat and off we went to tour Evanston.

Here we are: Gary, Katy, Diane, Andy

06-03-13 D Evanston (19)a

Evanston Courthouse - New and Old.  The new courthouse is on both sides of the old - very nicely done:

06-03-13 D Evanston

The clock memorial tower is to the right of the Court House.  It honors fallen peace officers and fallen firefighters.  One of the plaques is for Katy and Gary’s son who was killed in a fire in 2005 along with another young firefighter.

06-03-13 D Evanston (5)

06-03-13 D Evanston (7)

To the left of the Court House are memorials to the service men and women.

06-03-13 D Evanston (10)

06-03-13 D Evanston (11)

06-03-13 D Evanston (12)

This is the last remaining Round House on the old Union Pacific line between Omaha and Sacramento.  It has 28 stalls and was built in 1912 to service steam locomotives running between Green River, Wyoming and Ogden, Utah.  The community is currently restoring this building.  Part of it is done and we were able to look thru the windows - WOW!

06-03-13 D Evanston (15)

Other buildings in the Rail Yard.  From 1926 until 1971 items for the entire Union Pacific system were repaired or manufactured at the railyards here.  The locomotives were repaired only thru 1925.

06-03-13 D Evanston (16)

The volunteer fire station and the memorial to their fallen comrades:

06-03-13 D Evanston (20)

The original library building that is now a museum - this was an original Carnegie Library:

06-03-13 D Evanston (21)

From the World Trade Center:

06-03-13 D Evanston (23)

Like in many railroad towns, the Chinese played an important part.  Although there is nothing left of Evanston’s Chinatown, an archaeological dig is underway.  Some of the artifacts found are in the museum (but it was not open today - Sad smile)

This Joss House is a reproduction of the Chinese temple that once stood near this spot.

06-03-13 D Evanston (25)

06-03-13 D Evanston (27)

The gardens:

06-03-13 D Evanston (28)

This is part of the Bear River Project.  The area along the Bear River in Evanston was a “dumpy” place and over the last few years, it has been revitalized to include a park, picnic areas, walking trails, memorial gardens - it is just beautiful!

06-03-13 D Evanston (33)

This is the Bear River.  It is the main tributary to the Great Salt Lake and is the longest stream in the western hemisphere that does not empty into an ocean.  It has a 500 mile path thru Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho and the watershed is entirely enclosed by mountains, which form a huge basin with no drainage outlets.

06-03-13 D Evanston (36)

The Lincoln Highway passed thru here:

06-03-13 D Evanston (39)

06-03-13 D Evanston (41)

There is a state park nearby that has a buffalo herd and two elk.  Their were six adult and four baby buffalo - Smile:

06-03-13 D Evanston (44)

06-03-13 D Evanston (49)

06-03-13 D Evanston (50)

The Elk:

06-03-13 D Evanston (58)

And the view from the airport was - AWESOME!  This is the Unita Mountain Range:

06-03-13 D Evanston (61)

06-03-13 D Evanston (67)

It is so nice to see small towns that are keeping their history - what a credit to Evanston’s people.

We did have lunch earlier in the day at a local brew- pub - YUMMY.   And along with all the touring we just kept chatting away and getting caught up with each other.

Thank you Katy and Gary for a WONDERFUL visit.  Travel safe and we will see you in the fall.

We are so blessed with the friends we have met along our travels - Smile.

I will leave you with one last picture - we saw this mom and baby on our way down the hill from the airport.

06-03-13 D Evanston (71)a

Tomorrow we are heading north to the Grand Teton National Park so stay tuned and enjoy today.


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

What, no grocaching?

Diane said...

:-):-):-):-):-):-):-) Sorry to say but no. We did have a great time. Hugs to you and Luke.