June 10, 2013 - The Tetons, Yellowstone, and an Adventure

We left our great little site and headed north through Grand Teton National Park.

We were treated with these beautiful animals up close.  WOW!

06-10-13 A Travel thru Grand Teton NP (8)

06-10-13 A Travel thru Grand Teton NP (18)

06-10-13 A Travel thru Grand Teton NP (23)

We were going up a little hill and the motor home started to get slower and slower and slower.  We made it up and over and pulled over in one of the overlooks.  Oh-oh!  After a while, it was okay so off we went.

We entered Yellowstone National Park and same thing happened again so we took it slow into Grant’s Village and found a mechanic to take a look.  They felt it was a bad fuel filter but they did not have one and would not be able to get one for a day or so.  We found out that there was a Napa in West Yellowstone who had them so off we went - 50 miles each way. When we came back, they put the filter in and we did a few test drives and although we did not feel it was right, the mechanics could not find any other issues.  They did give us the names of a few places in Bozeman, Montana if we had more problems.

So we left the garage at 5 PM with Andy driving the motorhome and me driving the Tracker separately.  No problems to the campground.

We are staying at Baker’s Hole National Forest Campground - a great little place with electric.   Ann and Roy are here and we spent the rest of the evening talking about our troubles. 

A little about Yellowstone - we made the trip from Grants Village which is near the south entrance to the west entrance, three times today.  The scenery is beautiful but I did not take many pictures.  Someday we will be back and spend LOTS of time exploring this park.

Two photo’s from Yellowstone - we were thrilled to see the trees coming back since the 1988 fire.  I was here in 1981 and those pines were majestic.  Andy and I came through in 1997 and it was sad to see so much destruction especially since I saw it before the fire.

06-10-13 B Travel thru Yellowstone NP (4)

So many hot springs:

06-10-13 B Travel thru Yellowstone NP (7)

We are still not sure what we are doing next.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 127 miles (Motorhome only) - Add another 150 or so for the Tracker

Routes Traveled:

Wyoming: Gros Ventre Road; US-191; US-20

Montana: US-20; US-191


Denis and Sandy Letendre said...

Sorry we keep missing you. Our paths are crossing all through the Tetons and Yellowstone. Isn't this place just beautiful? Truly God's country.

Diane said...

Hi Denis and Sandy,
Yes it is stunning. US191 from West Yellowstone to Bozeman is also beautiful.. I could spend a few months here just exploring.
Safe travels...