March 13 – 17, 2013 – North Ranch Update and More Quartzsite Background and Pictures

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

So what have we been up to……

Wednesday, Andy and I made the trek to Surprise and Sun City for supplies and a new microwave for the RV.  And I found one at Best Buy that fit the spot exactly – :-)))).  While in Best Buy,  we checked out computers.  I am going to need one soon but I am overwhelmed with the choices.  Right now, I probably need to do more research and see what programs we use the most and are they compatible with Windows 8.

Thursday, I met with Lila, Peggy and Linda to discuss running the store for Bead Week.  Peggy and Linda use to run it and Lila and I will be doing it this year.  So we spent the morning with them and then Lila and I got together in the afternoon to do a plan.  It seems overwhelming now but I am sure it will fall into place.

Friday.  I found a place in town that will service my sewing machine so Andy dropped it off for me.  This afternoon was beading where I helped with pricing store items.  This evening, Elena stopped by to chat.  We met her and Ron at the ABQ. Balloon Festival in 2010 and have crossed paths a couple times over the past few years.  Please keep Ron in your prayers – he has just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is doing treatment in Phoenix area.  My heart just breaks for both of them.

Steve is also in the park – we met Steve a few years ago and are paths usually cross here at North Ranch.  So tonight we got together and went out to dinner.  Steve is an astronomer so tonight he showed us the Panstarrs comet – how exciting to see.  :-))

Saturday found Lila and I being trained on the cash register in the morning.  We also stopped by the Polymer Group – it was so good to see more familiar faces.  And we have more volunteers for the store – YEA!  In the afternoon I starting working on my kits.  I will be teaching two classes and will be supplying kits for the bracelet.  Also Wendy, Vince, Glenda, and Don came into the park – it was great talking with them all.

Sunday morning found us saying goodbye to Glenda and Don – they are continuing their travels.  And I finished making all my kits and doing my preparations.  Soooo, I think I am ready (well, maybe – LOL).  Wendy and I have been chatting back and forth – she and Vince are parked near us.  And this evening, Steve treated us all to another view of that comet.

So what has Andy been up to…well, once he washed the RV, he has been working on trying to set up his radio (amateur) and on Saturday, finally succeeded.  He has been enjoying making contacts. :-)


A couple more things to share with you. 

Andy and I have started to wear red on Fridays – just our way of supporting our troops.  A friend, Gloria, sent us this link for an organization that does some great things for our troops:

Soldiers Angels


As most of you see in the pictures that I post, we fly the flag whenever we are stationery for a few days or more.  Our friend, Bill, sent us this link to a video on why we put up the flag.  WOW!  It truly says it all:

Why I Put Up the Flag


Okay so you are wondering why I mentioned Quartzsite in the title. Well I heard from Lee Anderson who reads my blog and he sent me some really interesting information and great pictures concerning Tyson Wash.  He has given me permission to use it and his pictures and I thank him so much for that.  If I took a picture from the same sight, I will post that for a comparison.

From Lee:

“Tyson Wash was our playground.  It usually floods every summer and in the 10 years we have been there the level of the sand in the riverbed has risen at least 10-15 feet.  At the base of the rocks with the petroglyphs there use to be huge boulders which are now mostly covered with sand. The grinding holes, of which there are 4, are on top of the outcropping you called an Indian Cave where you took the photo of Rainbow Acres.  They are on the south end of that hill you were standing on.  There are also Chuckwalla lizards, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuckwalla , that live in those rocks.  The largest one we have seen was a little over 2 feet long and about as big as round as a football.  The Indians used to use them for food.  We have also seen Mountain lion tracks there, have seen numerous Bobcats, very large Mule Deer, large Owls, and Hawks of all kinds. We also watched a family of Desert Kit Fox raise their young for about 4 years.  Here is a video I took when they had 4 pups...a normal litter was just 2 or 3.  Quartzsite Kit Foxes  (From Diane – this is an AWESOME video – thanks Lee)

Every time it rains there are many pools formed and after about 3 days they are filled with Tadploles that soon turn into Toads.  They then bury themselves in the sand to wait for the next rain when they once again begin the breeding process.  At the base of the petroglyphs hill there was a pool formed there in August of 2004 that was so huge that you could swim in it.  It was about 60 feet long and had a depth of about 8 feet.  Our dogs loved to swim there to cool off from the summer heat.

Glad you enjoyed your stay...come back again to explore this great area once again. “

Yes I will….

Anyway the pictures below with the water are Lee’s.  The dry wash pictures are mine.  I try to pick ones that would compare.

03-09-13 B Petroglyphs Site Quartzsite 028

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (5)

03-09-13 B Petroglyphs Site Quartzsite 034

 03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (6)

03-09-13 B Petroglyphs Site Quartzsite 014

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (2)

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (3) 

Per Lee, after a Flash Flood the water will be from bank to bank and flowing about 20 mph. The water here remained at this area for almost a year before it completely dried up.

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (11)

We have always been in the southwest during the dry seasons.  I cannot imagine what it must be like during the monsoons.

Lee also sent me some of these pictures that he took around that area and Quartzsite.  Aren’t they incredible!  

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (21)

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (12)

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (15)

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (17)

03-17-13 Lee Tyson Wash (16)

Thank you Lee for sharing.

And to all, Enjoy Today!

Irish Blessing (1)

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