February 17 - 19, 2011

February 17 - Thursday
We left our little spot at the SKP Park and took our time heading southeast.   We did go thru parts of the metropolitan Phoenix area – oh my, so much humanity…   Andy did very well with the RV with me, of course, hanging on for dear life and closing my eyes…
  There has been very little rain in the SW this year and the conditions are very dusty.   Notice the cloud of dust as this truck is traveling:
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 002
And when the wind blows, oh my, lots of dust… (Hmmmm, maybe that is my problem….allergic to dust – hope not!!)
More scenes from the road – how about those clouds….
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 007
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 009
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 011
Check out the Saguaros on the mountains and valley floor:
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 019
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 020
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 021
This area is in Tucson – love the pictures on their bridges and underpasses:
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 022
Coming into the San Pedro Valley – those are the Dragoon Mountains in the distance:
02-17-11 Travel from Congress to Benson 026 

I love the desert and feeling like I am saying goodbye to it….but I need to keep saying – see you soon – :-)))
We pulled into the SKP Park in Benson, Arizona and found out that there was dry camping only…I was so looking forward to a week here.   After checking in, we were able to get a full hookup site by the maintenance building.   And we decided that if we could not get on a lot tomorrow, we would head east.
After getting parked, we went to Wal-Mart for supplies and to return a part.  Then just hung out the rest of the evening.

Stats for today:
Miles Traveled:  235 miles
Routes Traveled:
Arizona: SR-89; US-93; US-60; SR-101; I-10; I-17; I-10; SR-80; Saguaro Lane

February 18 – Friday
This morning, we were able to get a lot site so we are staying for a week – YEA!!   Here we are (066):
02-18-11 Saguaro SKP Park Benson 002

After setting back up again, we went into Benson to the Tourist Information Center – lots to see and do around here and hopefully we will get to do some sightseeing – :-))).   We then stopped for water and at CarQuest – for a part and then back.   Benson is a cute little town and if we get a chance, I hope to walk through and check out some of the stores.
This SKP Park has lots of activities as well as a beading group so this afternoon I stopped in to see the ladies.   On Monday, I hope to be back beading with them…
And look who I found waiting for me when I returned…isn’t he the cutest – :-)))
02-18-11 Saguaro SKP Park Benson 004

This evening we went to Happy Hour and then the Chicken Dinner.   We met a bunch of nice folks and had a great time – getting to know each other and telling stories…  I love to hear where others have been and what they saw….my bucket list keeps getting longer – :-)))

February 19 – Saturday (today)
We are currently experiencing lots of wind – 30-40 MPH so the MH is really rocking and rolling.   This is part of the front that is hitting southern California.  We won’t get the rains, just lots of wind.  So we are just hanging out.
Since I have been feeling better I don’t like to go out when we have high winds – seems like it really bothers me – maybe it is the dust…  
So if the wind dies down tomorrow, we may just go for a road trip – YEA!!!
On my last blog, I added some pictures of where we were staying in Quartzsite (aerial shots).  Well, here is our site from the ground:

01-23-11 Quartzsite 002
Cool!!  Love the Desert!!
Stay tuned!

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