February 14 – 16, 2011 More North Ranch and Friends

February 14 – Monday
Happy Valentines Day to all…  
Today was spent getting caught up with paperwork, a little more organizing, and getting caught up with the blog.   Steve stopped by this afternoon and showed us some of his photographs.   Steve is an astronomer who has written a few books and has been experimenting with photographing the skies…
His newest book is Touching the Universe by Steven Coe and should be available in a few months – both in eBook format and hardcover….
Some of Steve’s Photos:
Hale-Bopp Big Saguaro
WOW, WOW, and more WOW!!   How Beautiful and Thanks Steve.
Now I need to tell you a story….   I was over 50 years old when I first saw the Milky Way – and that was at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania.   And the night Andy and I experienced it, well, there are no words to describe the view…  we stood there with our mouths open..   Fast forward a few years to Arizona…the night skies are so clear that when I saw all the stars (like in the above pictures), I was in awe and humbled at the same time…   There are no words to describe the beauty…   And after seeing so many of Steve’s pictures, oh my, he has captured God’s beauty….WOW!!
Aren’t these just AWESOME…  Thank you Steve for sharing…

February 15 – Tuesday
The first thing on our list today was to go to town and pick up some needed items as well as stop at the bank and post office.
This afternoon, I went to beading but did not get much done.  Cathy had just come back from the Tucson Show and brought so many nice things (I controlled myself – LOL – but really enjoyed looking.)   And it was so good to see all the familiar faces and get caught up with each other.   The past few years these ladies have taught me so much – their talent is incredible.    And I got to spend some time getting caught up with Dawn – it was so good to see her again….(Dawn, take care and see you next season.)
I am sorry that I will miss Bead Week this year but will definitely be there in 2012…:-)))
Then this evening, Ron, Elena, Dick, Steve, Andy and I went for dinner at the “Sizzling Wok” in Wickenburg.   What a great time sharing stories….
I know I have said it before but will say it again – we are so blessed with the people who have graced our lives – :-)))

February 16 – Wednesday
Just a hanging out day….  playing on the computer, reading, beading and even a little more organizing…    It is great to have the MH and Tracker looking a lot better…
Steve stopped by after dinner to chat and say our goodbyes (or as my friend Kay would say – see you later – :-))))

I do have more pictures for you…  These are aerial photos from where we stayed in Quartzsite (isn’t it beautiful)… Thanks, Tom for sharing this..   (I have an arrow pointing to our motor home.)
Boomerville - January 2011 (5)M
Boomerville - January 2011 (1)m
Boomerville - January 2011 (2)m
Boomerville - January 2011 (3)m
Boomerville - January 2011 (4)m
What a great place to stay and you can just imagine the sunrises, sunsets and star gazing that we enjoyed – :-)))).

Tomorrow we are heading to the SKP Park in Benson, Arizona.. so stay tuned as we head east… :-)))

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