January 27 – 29, 2009 – Yuma and Family

We left Quartzsite in the morning and traveled US-95 to Yuma. First the stats:

Miles Traveled: 99 Miles
Routes Traveled:
AZ: US-95, 3E Street, County Route 17

The closer we got to Yuma, the more greenery and water we saw. The Yuma area is the lettuce capital of the world and they also have 3 cycles of crops (different) per year due to the warm weather and the proximity of the Colorado River (for irrigation).

We went to the KOFA Escapees Co-op and they only had boon docking sites. They could not tell us when a full hookup site would become available so we only booked one night. We then spent the afternoon calling different parks for a place to stay for a week and we got one at the Arizona Sands.

Our son-in-law, Mike, parents (Sandy and Raul) are here for the winter. We got together and spent the late afternoon and evening together. We have not seen them since June 2007 and it was great to get caught up with each other. It is always good seeing family.

On the street where they live, there is a lemon tree, lime tree, and orange tree. I will get pictures later.

On the 28th (Wednesday) we checked out the Escapee Park before we left. It is a really nice place and has a lot of park models on the sites. There is a waiting list, mostly for empty sites. There are 5 sites available but they have park models on them. We have decided that in the upcoming winters to spend more time here and then decide if that is an option for us. (They also have some great classes here - :-))

We left that park and set up in Arizona Sands. It is wonderful to have full hookups after over 2 weeks without them. When we boon dock the scenery is incredible. But most of the time with full hookups, we are in a park. I think for us, it is a balance since we have not found both – scenery and full hookups.

When we were camping in Quartzsite, our Direct TV satellite fell over (actually the wind blew it over) and we were unable to get the satellite again. So we spent over 3 hours trying everything to get the satellite and finally called Direct TV. A technician will be here on Thursday morning.

The rest of Wednesday, we got caught up on some items around the motorhome and just kicked back.

On the 29th (Thursday), Dean from Direct View came over and checked out our system. It turns out that the reflector was bent so we could not receive satellite signal. So we went into town and picked up another one and we are back in business.

Sandy and Raul picked us up late morning and we all went to the Yuma Arizona Marketplace. We were told in Quartzsite to check this out since it was supposed to be like the old Q. Well this place was HUGE! – Rows and rows of vendors selling just about everything. We only did a few of the rows, had lunch and headed out. I think it would take a few days just to see it all.

From there, we took a ride to the foothills and checked out some of the area – Very nice. And then back to Sandy and Raul’s where they treated us to dinner (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and chatting. It is always good to meet up with old friends/family and share stories and laughs!!

Some pictures for you:

Andy’s new look:
(Just love the hats – everyone is wearing them!!)

Andy and Raul off for a ride:

Sandy and I in the kitchen:

The orange tree:

The lemon tree:

The weather here continues to be beautiful - sunshine, warmth, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and stars - :-)
Until tomorrow!


January 21 – 26, 2009 – More Quartzsite

We continue to have a great time enjoying the scenery, the sun, the people, the happy hours, the campfires, and the desert.

On the 21st (Wednesday afternoon) I went to a wire wrapping class. It was a lot of fun but it is not as easy as it looks. However, I did learn how to make jump rings for my beading. I normally buy them and now have an easier and cheaper way to get them.

On the 22nd (Thursday), we went up to Bouse (~ 15 miles away) to pick up our mail (Thanks, Tina). What a beautiful ride up over the Plomosa Mountains. We took one of the desert roads and stopped for some pictures. Some scenes:

We also got to take some pictures of us with a Saguaro cactus:
Aren’t they huge!

And we found this in Bouse:

(A place for Andy’s stuff - :-))

In the afternoon, we walked around The Main Event. We were told that this was the original market in Quartzsite and they did sell a little of everything. From there we took in some more shops along Main Street. I truly think that there is a little bit of everything here and some things one never thought of!!

Our group met for supper at Crazy Al’s Pizza – good pizza and lots of fun.

On the 23rd (Friday), I went into town while Andy waited for the “Honey Wagon” – their slogan is “Number 1 in the Number 2 Business.” There is also another company here whose slogan is “Yesterday’s meals on wheels.” (What a hoot.)

Anyway, I got to see the crystal lady and bought some Swarovski crystals at a really good price. When I got back, the “Wagon” did not show up so we broke camp and went to town to dump.

For supper, about 8 of us went to Bouse for Friday’s Fish and Chips at the local CafĂ© – mmmmm!

On the 24th, (Saturday), Andy went over to the Amateur Radio group and dropped me off at the POW-WOW (another meet). And folks, can you believe, I am beaded out!! I think I have enough supplies for a year - :-)

We then stopped at one of the local RV dealers to check out some of the deals... (And there are deals!). No, we did not buy any but if we ever decide to full time, we know we will.

After a trip to the grocery store in Parker, we just took it easy and enjoyed the rest of the day.

On the 25th (Sunday), a group of us went to breakfast in Bouse and then Andy and I went to the laundry. In between, Andy went to the tool shop and then I went back to the bead shop (I guess I am not beaded out after all - :-)).

Today, the 26th, I took another wire wrapping class and I could not believe how nice my project came out – I will have to take a picture and put on the blog. I could really get into this... Next winter, I am definitely taking more classes.

Quartzsite is starting to empty. Many of the rallies are over and many RVers are leaving. Our group has dwindled down to 4 rigs (8 people) and tonight we went to supper in Bouse.

So you are now caught up to what we have been doing. Tomorrow we head to Yuma. I am hoping we get a place with full hookups – I really miss them!! If we do we are staying for a week, if not, we will make other plans. Stay tuned.

And a big thanks to our Chapter 6 friends and other friends that we have met here. We have had a great time and hope to see you on down the road. Stay safe.


January 17 – 21, 2009 – Quartzsite and More

Just getting a chance to get caught up to tell you about the past few days.

On Saturday afternoon, a number of us went to the Desert Bar – also known as the Nellie E Saloon. The Bar is above Parker, AZ and about 5 miles in on a dirt road.

The road (the scenery was incredible):

The bar is powered entirely by solar. It is open from ~ noon to sunset on Saturday and Sunday only and closed during the summer.

The bar:

The view from the ladies room (how about this – all open air):

The church:

Some of our group:
Some other scenes from the area:

What a wonderful time!

On Sunday (18th), Andy and I decided to do the Big Tent (RV Show). We went in early and got through it. And we were a little disappointed. There were a lot of vendors but the show was really no different than others we have been to in Hershey, Harrisburg, or Philadelphia. We were told that it is a lot smaller this year. But at least we have done it. Would I come back and do it again? Quartzsite, yes, the RV show, probably not!

From the show, we walked thru Tyson Wells. They are having a huge swap-meet. It was like a giant flea market. We did pick up some stuff and did go back and finish on Monday (yes, it was that big!)

How about this little fellow nesting in the Saguaro:
Did I mention the sunsets?

We had lunch at the Yacht Club and on Monday, we joined it – what a hoot!

Monday afternoon, we had a Polar Bear party. What is a Polar Bear? – Vodka, Kaluha, Ice Cream and Ice – in a blender - mmmmmmmm – need I say more -:-))

On Tuesday a group of us went to Palm Canyon and took the half mile hike up to see some of Arizona’s only native palm trees.

Here is our group:

The palms:

The Sonora Desert:

This is one of four desert regions in North America. It receives about 6 inches of rain annually and in the summer reaches temperatures over 120 degrees (I won’t be here!). The region is green now because they had a lot of rain last month.

The Saguaro cacti:

I just found out that they do not start to grow arms until they are at least 60 years old – how about that!

Another cactus that spits needles if you get too close (I was not about to try it out):

Some other scenes along the way:

From there we went to the bookstore and met up with a few of the other ladies. The bookstore is also known as the naked bookstore... The owner wears very little... I am not posting a picture here due to the nature of the picture but if you want me to email you a picture, let me know.

From there, Jona, Pam, and I had lunch at the Yacht Club and stopped at the Hardies Bead Store. This store was once a restaurant/bar where there were carvings done at the ends of the beams. Some carvings:

And of course, every night happy hour followed by a campfire – how wonderful.

This afternoon, I am headed to a wire wrapping class. I found one cheap that uses craft wire so stay tuned.

To those I owe emails, bear with me, I hope to get caught up by the end of the week.

Until next time.


January 13 - 17, 2009 – Quartzsite

I am just getting a chance to get caught up on the blog so to those who are daily followers, this will be a summary of the past few days.

We arrived in Quartzsite on the 13th. The stats:

Miles Traveled: 206 miles
Routes Traveled:
AZ: I-8; SR-85; I-10; SR-95

As we came down from the plateau, there were miles and miles of RV’s. I have never seen so many in one place. A picture of Quartzsite and some of the RV’s (the white dots!):
We are staying with Escapees, Chapter 6 on Plomosa Road in the BLM lands about 7 miles from Quartzsite Proper. We have met so many great people and are having a ball. Every day we have happy hour and a campfire – Wonderful. On the 14th and 15th, we went to the main Escapee Happy Hour in the BLM lands south of town. We were musically entertained every day and updated on any announcements. There are a lot of Escapee rallies happening all over – different chapters, different BOF groups, etc. There are also many other rallies happening too!

Our area:

This guy takes off every morning around 8 AM and returns about 1-2 hours later:

So many impressions….

The desert, the sunrises, the sunsets, the stars, the weather – oh my!!! Every day is a beauty.

The town – in a few words – quirky and interesting. Not only is the RV show about to happen but there are many flea markets, gem/jewelry shows, and vendors of all sorts of things in and around town.

The crowds – the mornings are great but by noon, traveling around town is very slow.

For me, it has been heaven – vendors selling all sorts of beads, gems, rocks – some good prices, some not. There are all kinds of classes. I have been looking to learn wire wrapping – I have found many but most use gold and silver and I want to first learn on craft wire. I think I may have found a class for next week – stay tuned.

I could spend a lot of time here – just taking all sorts of classes and exploring the desert roads!!!
I promise to get more pictures as the week goes on.

(To all my northeast friends and family – stay warm - :-))