January 8, 2009 – Travel to Arizona

Our travels today took us thru some more beautiful countryside to Benson, Arizona. Some scenes from the road:

How about these signs:

We arrived at the Saguaro Escapees Park and fell in love. Here is our site:

The cactus across the road:

The scene from our front window:


When we checked in, we found out about all the activities here (they do beading 3 times a week – Yippee!). There is something going on all the time.

We went to Happy Hour at 4 and had a great time. We met so many people who welcomed us here. After Happy Hour, we went to the local Country Club with a group and had $1.00 tacos and $1.00 beers.

The sunsets here are INCREDIBLE! Those mountains that we see from our front window actually change colors as the sun is setting – AMAZING.

We did inquire about available lots - right now there is at least a 3 year waiting period but they do have long term leases/stays available. This place is at the top of our list for a place to winter.

Until tomorrow.

Miles Traveled: 173 miles
NM: I-10
AZ: I-10; SR-80

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