January 6, 2009 – City of Rocks State Park

We had a very windy night and it continued today – with some gusts up to 32 mph. And that wind kept it feeling cold even though it got into the 50’s.

Our travels today took us to City of Rocks State Park. Someone described it to us “it looks as though a giant just dropped a bunch of huge rocks in the middle of the high desert” and that is just what it was:
We first stopped at the visitor center and found out that this was created by a volcano about 35 million years ago. It is called a “City” because the boulders are separated by paths or streets resembling city streets. We spent some time wandering around the boulders – it was so fascinating. They have found and are still finding evidence of prehistoric peoples as well as Native Americans using this area – probably because it provided shelter from the elements and predators.

Some pictures:

There is also a campground here and we know we will be back to spend some time here.

We finished the day by doing grocery shopping and just hanging out. The Mexican border is about 30 miles away and we decided that tomorrow we will check out Palomas, Mexico – a little town just across the border.

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