January 7, 2022 Our New (to us) Home

I know that many of you have wondered why we were staying here in Texas for this length of time and especially since the weather turned cold.  Well, here is the reason.

2022-01-07 A RV (1)

2022-01-07 A RV (4)

It is a new 2019 Nexus Wraith 32W and we are excited.  We do all our transfers on Monday and will finish on Tuesday. 

As some of you know, we have been looking for the past three years but although there were some nice ones, they were not quite “right”.  We saw this one, took a tour, took a ride and said “Hmmmm, may be.”   I have to say that this is the first one that when I sat in the driver’s seat, my butt said “Nice..I can drive this.  It is like my truck.”   

Since it is smaller and less storage, over the last week, I have made donations to the local Food Bank (for those who know me – I am a little bit of a prepper) and donations to the Salvation Army.  We will probably be making more next week.

So this weekend we will be boxing as much as we can.  When we purchased the Bounder, we were able to stay overnight at the dealer’s to change over everything.  In this case we cannot (due to some of their local laws.).  So we have to move as much as we can from 9-5 on Monday. Yikees!  That is why we are boxing what we can.

It is going to be interesting with the kitties.  I have booked Bella and Gray into a kitty daycare for Monday. My concern with those two is that they may bolt given the opportunity because they will be scared.  They may be scared in the kitty daycare but it will be a lot more peaceful (Yes, we made a visit last week to be sure.)  Dusty will stay with us for the day – he will be okay with us more so than the daycare.  For those who have pets, isn’t it amazing how you get to know their personalities.

So stay tuned for our next adventure – moving and downsizing – LOL.  Enjoy today.



Jan T said...

Your new motorhome looks really nice and I'll look forward to seeing inside pictures. Your JFK tour reminded of a good book I read awhile back by Clinton J. Hill, the secret agent. I believe the title was Five Presidents. Enjoy your adventures in your new home on wheels!

Diane said...

Thanks Jan.

Jim & Nanc said...

Looks beautiful. Congratulations

Diane said...

Thanks. We are excited!