October 15- 18, 2015 Our Journey Continues

On Thursday 15th, we did our final shut down, walk thru, and goodbyes.  We have been home for over six months so we checked and double checked.  But by 9 AM we were on our way.

Fall in Pennsylvania:

10-15-15 A Travel PA 209-183-10-41 (3)

10-15-15 A Travel PA 209-183-10-41 (18)

Another few days and it will be at peak color – a little later this year.  Beautiful!

We continued on our way into Delaware and over the Delaware River:

10-15-15 Delaware US1 (1)

10-15-15 Delaware US1 (5)

Into Lewes, Delaware where we spent the next few days visiting with family.

Our great grandson – he has such a beautiful smile and laugh:

10-16-15 Family (2)

Grandpa and Matthew with daughter, Sheryl, and granddaughters, Alex (Matthew’s Mom) and Sabrina (who was able to come home from school for the weekend). Smile

10-16-15 Family (11)

Grandma got in the picture too:

10-16-15 Family (22)

And Dad (Steve) too – they both have great smiles – Smile.

02-18-15 Family (2)a

Alex and Steve are expecting another boy in January – how exciting. We hope to see them on our way back home in the spring.


Lewes, Delaware refers to itself as “The First Town in the First State” since Lewes was the earliest settlement in the state and Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution.  It is really a quaint little town with a lot of history.

Some pictures from around the town:

10-17-15 Lewes (1)

10-17-15 Lewes (2)

10-17-15 Lewes (8)

Delaware Bay:

10-17-15 Lewes (17)

10-17-15 Lewes (18)

10-17-15 Lewes (22)

When I win the lottery, I am going to buy a big houseboat – Smile:

10-17-15 Lewes (24)

On Saturday, our friends, Al and Marion, invited us to a wonderful lunch and a great time getting caught up.  Al and Andy have known each other for over 50 years – thank you for the great time!

10-17-15 Milsboro Friends (3)

10-17-15 Milsboro Friends (5)a

Tomorrow, Monday, 19th, we will continue our journey so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for the 15th:

Miles Traveled: 177 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Pennsylvania: Chestnut Street; US-209; SR-901; SR-183; US-222; US-422; I-176; SR-10; SR-41; SR-7

Delaware: SR-7; SR-4; SR-4; SR-1; US-9


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