October 4–9, 2014 Keiser-Salem Oregon

Saturday, October 4th, we packed up, made a stop at the dump station, then at the gas station, and then headed south.  Our travels were on the I-5 and the heavy traffic continued.  OH MY! – This is Saturday, I cannot even imagine what it is like during the week.

10-04-14 A Travel I-5 to Salem (9)

We decided to go straight thru on the 5 instead of the 205.  The traffic continued on:

10-04-14 A Travel I-5 to Salem (6)

Passing an inlet of the Columbia River:

10-04-14 A Travel I-5 to Salem (2)

And then over it into Oregon:

10-04-14 A Travel I-5 to Salem (17)

10-04-14 A Travel I-5 to Salem (15)

We arrived at the Keizer Oregon Elks Lodge (near Salem) shortly before Bruce and Sue.  It is a nice RV Park with full hook ups for only $17.00/night.  After setting up and doing a few things, we headed to the Lodge for Happy Hour and Dinner.  Saturday nights they have prime rib as well as baked salmon.  Andy and Bruce had the prime rib and Sue and I had the salmon – YUMMY!

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 193 miles

Routes Traveled:

Washington: Main Street, Meridian Avenue; SR-512; I-5

Oregon: I-5; Lockhaven Drive; River Road; Manbrin Drive

On Sunday, 5th, we just hung out.  I was exhausted – didn’t know if I was getting sick or ? so just took it easy.

On Monday, 6th, Andy and I went shopping.  First stop was Best Buy for another GPS.  This will be our third Garmin – the other two were stolen – Sad smile…   Since Oregon is a no sales tax state, we figured this was the place to buy it.  From there, we did a few more stops for a few more items.

This evening we went to Happy Hour and Taco Night at the Lodge.  YUM!!!

On Tuesday, 7th, we said our “See you laters” to Bruce and Sue.   It was wonderful traveling and spending time with them and we will see each other later on this year.  Travel safe, my friends.

The rest of the day found us just doing little things around the motorhome.  We decided to hang here for a few more days before continuing south to Yuma (a little too hot there yet).

As you probably noticed, we have been slowing down the last few weeks.  We have had an INCREDIBLE spring and summer – seeing some AWESOME sights and we feel very blessed to be able to live this lifestyle.  But now, we are ready to sit for a while and regroup so we don’t get burned out.  I think we have found that we do really well for about 3-4 months seeing lots of things and exploring and then we want to just nest for a few months to get refreshed to do it all over again.  So later this week, we will start to make the slow trek down to Yuma Arizona for a month and then Casa Grande for a month or two and then ?????

On Wednesday, 8th, found us doing more little things around the MH.  For those who have Verizon data plan, check out their new specials.  We had a 12 G data plan which is now a 15 G plan for the same price.  However, they will not switch you to the 15 G until you tell them (online or phone).  And for $20.00 per month more, you can get 30 G total.  WOW!!!  So we went for it!  I also did some research on a new health plan.  I am losing my healthcare at the end of this year so we will see what happens.

Thursday, 9th, was my Andy’s birthday – Happy Birthday to you – Smile.  We continued just puttering and had a great steak dinner at Elks.  Our rib eye's were WONDERFUL!

Tomorrow we continue our journey south so stay tuned and enjoy today.




Jan Mains said...

Where do you plan to stay in Casa Grande?

Diane said...

Hi Jan, We have a lot in the Escapee Park in Casa Grande and we expect to be there right before Thanksgiving. Are you coming thru.