October 24-25, 2014 Travel to Yuma and Friends

October 24th

We packed up early and headed on down the road:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (11)

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (18)

Through Quartzsite:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (23)

In January, this intersection will be packed!

We are here too early – La Mesa RV isn’t even here:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (25)

Empty Tyson Wells – In January, this will be filled with over 100 vendors:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (29)

Aren’t they cute – Smile:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (32)

The “Big Tent” space:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (33)

Continuing our journey south to Yuma:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (36)

What continues to amaze me year after year is that we drive south of Quartzsite and it is desert for over 50 miles.  Then we round corner and it is green…

Orange Trees:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (42)

And Cotton Bales:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (49)

The Little Church:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (47)

In Yuma, they plant and harvest three times because of the ideal growing conditions.  This field is ready to go:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (53)

And this one is in the process:

10-24-14 A Travel Parker to Yuma US95 (57)

We arrived at the Escape Park, KOFA, right before lunch and settled into a site on the outer wall.  We have been on their list to get a lot for a few years and we are now number 9 on that list.   Before this, we only spent one night here in boondocking a few years ago so we figured we better spend some time here to see if we like it.

The other reason we are here is to do some upgrading in our motorhome.  So after lunch, we went to Furniture Warehouse and ordered theater seating (two recliners with a compartment/cup holders in between).  On Monday, it will be delivered and they will take our old couch.  We are also hoping to reupholster our captain’s chairs and either get new dinette cushions or reupholster our original ones.  I have purchased new curtains but they need to be hemmed yet.  With the left over material, I hope to make a dash cover.  For now, we are leaving the flooring alone because I am not sure how I want it to look.

We also hope to see friends who are making their way south.  It should be fun.  Smile.     We think we are staying here for a month and then head to our lot in Casa Grande but you never know – plans can change tomorrow – LOL!

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled:  132 Miles

Routes Traveled:

California: Parker Dam Road; SR-62

Arizona: SR-95; Avenue 3E; E County 17th Street

Gas – $2.78/gallon at Sam’s Club in Yuma – WOW!!!

October 25th, 2014

I spent today with my friend, Kay.   We met Kay and Norval a few years ago in Quartzsite and have stayed in touch since then.  Norval had a bad stroke three years ago and has not been able to travel.  Kay came down for a week with her friend, Brenda, and we are so glad we were able to connect.  Last year, Andy and I went to see them in Alberta, Canada, so it was great to spend the day with her, getting caught up, laughing, crying and hugging.  What a wonderful day – Thank you Kay.

10-25-14 KoFa (2)

What a wonderful day – Smile

I will not be blogging daily unless we play tourist but I will be blogging weekly.  So until then, enjoy today.



Denis and Sandy Letendre said...

Which Escapees Park have you been on the list for? I thought there was one in Benson but didn't know about Yuma. What a great idea to get your theater seating at a furniture store instead of getting RV furniture. I bet you saved big bucks.

Judith Bell said...

Since you are in Yuma for a month, give me a couple of weeks to get 'the lay of the land', and maybe I can give you a tour of Imperial NWR before you head to Casa Grande.

Diane said...

Hi Denis and Sandy, We are on the list for the KOFA KO-OP in Yuma. It is a coop Escapee Park, not a rainbow park. There is also a park in Casa Grande, Rover's Roost, which is another Escapee Co-op. We do have a lot there. Hope all is well.

Diane said...

Hi Judith, That would be AWESOME. My email is gardenhavens@hotmail.com Send me an email and I will send you my phone number.