October 10 - 13, 2014 Our time in Sutherlin Oregon

Saturday, October 10th

We packed up this morning and were on our way south – it was quite foggy for the first part of our trip:

10-10-14 A Travel Keizer to Sutherlin I5 (6)

10-10-14 A Travel Keizer to Sutherlin I5 (8)

It is clearing up and I saw sheep in the distance:

10-10-14 A Travel Keizer to Sutherlin I5 (16)

10-10-14 A Travel Keizer to Sutherlin I5 (18)

Beautiful farmlands:

10-10-14 A Travel Keizer to Sutherlin I5 (28)

This part of Oregon reminds me a lot of Pennsylvania.  We arrived at the Escape Park in Sutherlin, set up, had lunch and took a walk around the park. 

The sites are much larger than Casa Grande and nicely done.  As we were walking around, I heard this voice say “Casa Grande….Diane” and lo and behold, it was Cheryl from our park in Casa Grande – Smile.  They just got a place here this year so we walked there and spent time talking with her and Kevin – what a nice visit.

This park does not have a social hour but every Friday, there is a friendship hour at 3 PM.  So we left Cheryl and Kevin and headed to the club house.  We had a nice time and met a few people. 

Afterwards Andy and I continued our walk and found this little guy in the storage area:

10-10-14 B Suthrlin (7)

Cute, isn’t he.

We ended our day by enjoying the nice weather outside.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 129 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Oregon: Manbrin Drive, River Road; Lockhaven Drive; I-5; Central Avenue; State Street

The next three days were spent exploring the park, a trip to Roseburg for groceries, getting caught up on phone calls, emails, etc.   

As you may all know, we have been scouting out areas to spend our summers if we decide to really slow down.  This park was one of those places.  We have decided not to put our name on the list here for a few reasons.  We were new here and although people were friendly enough, we still felt like outsiders.  That has not ever happened to us in any Escapee Park…   All of the parks have people who come and give Escapees hugs – there was not anyone (except Kevin and Cheryl) who even offered a hug.  (And it became uncomfortable when we offered a hug – very sad.)  There are also more rules here and less activities than we are use to.     So, we will probably give this park another try some other year just to make sure it just wasn’t a bad week – does that make sense????

Tomorrow we continue our travels south so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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DNPC said...

We spent a month at the SKP Park in Sutherlin two years ago and had much the same experience. Most of the residents are the original leaseholders, and just don't seem to want new people around. Also, Sutherlin didn't offer much. Probably too late, but there are a number of parks on the coast from Bandon south that have very reasonable monthly rates and seem to have a communal atmosphere. Port Orford, in particular has a couple of parts where we visited friends and were impressed. Have a safe trip down "the" 5!